Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Nest Material-Sara=?

So Sara is gone, and now there are four of the original Nesters left. I wish her all the luck and I'm sure she'll do great and have fun and be awesome. And i'm gonna go down someday and see her and my other NY friends and do all the things i've been meaning to for years.

I ran into SP and Toby at radio bean this morning, she said that the memorial for her father will be 12/10/05 in richmond at 2pm in some church or other-- i'll be going if anyone wants to ride w/ me.

they also invited me to play with them on the 23rd @ the bean.. they're doing a night of christmas carols- toby said 'we're gonna have to do them like wicked indie man' whatever that means. but i live to play so i'm in. well, have to enjoy my day off so i'll see ya


Monday, November 28, 2005

Pop Music

some great lyrics I heard on the way back from Alburgh

'cause like a picture she was laying there
moonlight dancing off her hair
she woke up and took me by the hand
she's gonna love me in my chevy van
and that all right with me

and everything here is so clear you can see it
and everything here is so near you can feel it
and its real, so real, so real, so real, so real

grazing in the grass is a gas, baby can you dig it?

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sunday Doldrums (aka Sunday Morning Coming Down)

I get the worst feelings on Sundays- its like a depression wrapped around a wierd embarrased empty feeling like I forgot something or someone and have just wasted everything. did i spend too much money this weekend? did i sleep or sit on my ass too much? am i wasting my entire life? what the fuck am i doing? but usually it gets better and i try to have a nice dinner and read or something. i just read tanners christmas post and it didnt help. to me the depressive/pathetic aspects of the holiday season way out weigh the hanging out w/ friends/family/being nice crap. i can (and try to) do that all year. but it seems its shoved in my face worse and worse every year. yes i know its christmas. no i'm not excited. no i didnt go shopping. no i have no tree. leave me the f alone.

but i had just enough bottle return money so that kyle and i could get a pizza six pack and chips and come back to my apt and hang out with todd and sara and todd, jr (bryan) and tan and everyone i love (well, not everyone but a big chunk)


Saturday, November 26, 2005

High School High

Went to metronome last night to see local burlington band extravaganza 'benefit for cooley high' I was there from Buffalo Springsteen to Swale. Mostly the super popular hybrid of indie/country rock with a sweet cover of 'the sloop john b' thrown in for good measure. My favorite band of the night was 'fire the cannons' I think Johnny Aquadora is my favorite local drummer because of the excitement and rock-starness he brings. Plus he's got thoes awesome old-school fills that would sound lame anywhere else.


return bottles
lunch with tanner
call todd and sarah


Friday, November 25, 2005

SeaMonster Thankgiving

Well, I ended up @ Gaylord & Meagans for thanksgiving seamonster style after my mother canceled hers because of bad weather. I was kinda glad- I didn't feel like driving all the way and putting up with all that stress anyway. i felt like a dick showing up without anything, but for the second time sarah had me covered. Thanks Sarah! the spread of food was awesome and they had veggie alternatives for everything except turkey. we somehow fit 15 people around the table although once you sat down, you weren't gittin up. and then greg and mandy showed up for desert with mandys entire family in tow. all in all a great day-my first thanksgiving without family-but my family is spread so thin these days that it doesn't feel like anything anymore. i dont know if its the age i am but holidays dont do it for me. i used to get excited to see everyone and eat & drink, but now i'm all like who the fuck cares. maybe i need a woman or a kid or a man or something. any ideas? well, fuck all i'm out


Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Hi! This is a blog I just set up. I have no blog knowledge or pics or really anything to say but my friend Tanner said he'd help me. So soon I will have a real, functioning blog.