Wednesday, December 05, 2007


my show 'flap shadowy sounds' is a go! wednesdays from there!

just had my first meeting tonight with lee and jim of 105.9 the radiator womm-lp about having my very own radio show! i'm pretty excited, i've always wanted to be on the air and have never gotten around to signing up for a wruv show (plus i heard that was kinda a pain in the ass anyway)

i expect my show to be called 'flap shadowy sounds' and feature free improv, free jazz, experimental, noise etc.

so maybe as early as next week you'll be able to listen to the le duo spin some wax (er ipods) for the people! stay tuned...


gd said...

dude, thats good news!

my show starts tomorrow (thursdays) from 2-4pm.
tune in!

i think im going to call it "all together"

the radiator is gonna be sweet.

the le duo said...

yep, 6-8pm wednesday is my slot. get ready for great radio in burlington! so cool...

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Awesome...looking forward to some early evenings filled with flap shadowy sounds.