Friday, September 28, 2007


i'd like to thank greg davis and akron/family for an awesomely rockin' outrageous show last night. i havent seen a show with that much energy in years- maybe never: the whole band looked like they were having the time of their lives- and after being on the road for a month, that must be hard. seeing the rock star/guitar god side of greg was neat, too- i knew he had it in him this whole time...didnt fool me! also, i'd like to congratulate the band for being the 10,000th group to play a dead cover at nectars/metronome!

turning on your love light,


(posted from work at city market)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

akron/family-greg davis-megafaun

this thursday (9/27) at club metronome

all the blogs are talking about this show and how their tour van was robbed etc etc. so all i'm going to say is everyone should go! i know the new akron/family album is kinda hippy but its cool and wonderful and the live show is going to rock i'll bet.

more here
and here

tick tick presents

Saturday Sept. 29th
@ The Monkey House, Winooski
Cuddle Magic (Boston)
Boca Chica (Pittsburgh)
The New Siberians (Burlington)
doors 8pm show 9pm
$5 21+ $8 under age

Cuddle Magic
is a Boston-based nine-piece playing an amalgamated psycho-orchestral-indie rock.

Boca Chica is the lovely voice of Hallie Pritts and a Pittsburgh, PA band of guitars, bass, violins, drums, wurlitzers, accordions, piano, and many vocals. Described by the McKeesport Daily News as "folk-tinged, [and] bluegrass-stained. Their second record "Transform Into Beasts" is so good, so great sounding, it deserves some national attention (come on, tastemaker Web sites!)

The New Siberians
Ted Pappadopoulos, member of Americana forerunners Go To Blazes(Glitterhouse/East Side Digital) and Brendan Devitt, a founding member of Burlington's own legendary "Ninja Custodian" join forces with drummer extraordinaire and "gad about" Simon Plumpton to make up The New Siberians.
Their e-press kit is here:

tick tick

Monday, September 24, 2007

middle class machines

American Machine, a new play by james lantz, commissioned by the flynn center for performing arts, is "Part parable on the American dream, part cautionary tale taken from the headlines, American Machine tells the story of a great factory that once made parts for classic American cars. As a makeshift family of six friends come together each night to work, they're soon faced with rumors that their employer will be downsizing—or even closing altogether. As they begin working on a new order—making buckets and mops for Wal-Mart—the prospect of being split up looms before them, and their dedication to the once-proud factory is put to the test."

according to the lovely & talented jennifer jarecki (who is the assistant director) "(the play) focuses on the diminishing middle class and the severe economic divide in this country. Hey, there's a porn scene too!"

running from tuesday september 25th- sunday october 7th, there is plenty of time for everyone to see this play. i have never seen a local theatre production before, except the puppet opera (which is coming up this fall!), and i am very excited. arts in vermont! dig it...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

grizzly bear / beach house

tonight at higher ground. not familiar with either of these bands but everyone is telling me it will be rad. maybe i'll see ya there? if south burlington is too far out of your way, walk your bad self down to red square and see "party star"

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

it's a "party star" september!

burlingtons favorite party rock band, and friend of the le duo, "party star" has a slew of shows coming up in late september.

this sunday, 9/23, they rock red square with the dirty blondes, burlingtons best unsigned band, according to the seven daysies.

the very next day catch them from 6-8 on wruv's exposure, thats 90.1 on your dial kiddies.

friday the 28th, "ps" joins chuch for what can only be a fucking rock-n-roll tsunami at higher ground in south burlington. 10 o'clock in the showcase lounge.

finally, saturday september 29th, the party continues as the band plays with the freakiest of pop freaks nose bleed island at radio bean.

whew! damn!

there is also a rumored halloween show at speaking volumes with the jazz guys- but i'll talk more about that as the date nears.

Monday, September 17, 2007

autumn in vermont!

i absolutely love it! i heard geese flying south this morning and it made me think of my childhood and how my whole family would get excited this time of year for various hunting seasons and how i'd always go sight in my deer hunting rifle with my dad even though i never went hunting after age 12- and the smells of fall are great, too- corn and apples and leaves and pumpkin pies baking and endless amounts of goodies my grandmother would send over to our house. i get the urge to spend more time out of doors and go on grand adventures, but i'd settle for some casual hikes. i'm re-reading the hobbit- talk about adventures! that book, more than the trilogy, makes me want to up and leave and slay my own dragon.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

the cush/boston/burlington

the cush have two shows this week. first off, tomorrow monday the 17th they play upstairs at the middle east in boston at 10pm- not sure of a cover charge. wednesday they're at club metronome at 10pm sharp $5. if you havent heard the cush yet do yourself a favor and go to one of these shows! they are an amazing band in the psychedelic/experimental-rock vein and put on one of the best live shows in town.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

bring friends, vibe out, no sitting

brought to you by a snake in the garden

Jazz legend Joe Zawinul dies at 75

i think his contributions to the 'in a silent way' & 'bitches brew' sessions are almost enough to forgive him for weather report. story here

Monday, September 10, 2007

deep fried books

the burlington free press posted this video of drew and john's deep fried books exhibit at this years art hop at the green door studio. in typical free press fashion, they had to mess something up- this time it was drews name. his name is drew luan matott not drew luan. anyway, the video is not bad, if a little short & dry. soon i'll post some art hope photos & reviews.

Friday, September 07, 2007

luciano pavarotti 1935-2007

if this obituary doesnt bring a tear to your eye, this video of notorious p.a.v.a.r.o.t.t.i with mr. black cash money himself should:

Thursday, September 06, 2007

you're all invited

plus dan bolles gives us some love at solid state

"Friday night, the Green Door Studio is hosting a cadre of local bands that represent some of the most innovative and original artists in the area. The lineup features the rock stylings of Dynasty, free-noise auteurs The Le Duo, experimental whiz kids — and a Contrarian fave — Oak, the all-girl old-time outfit Hammer & Saw, the mustachioed indie-rock genius of Ryan Power and, the coup de grace: a reunion of Aaron Hornblas' pre-Cripples indie supergroup, Rock & Roll Sherpa. The show starts at 6 p.m. and should be one of the better events of the Art Hop, if not the entire year."

can i get my foot any further into my mouth? i'm just hoping the letter i sent doesnt get published just to make me look like an ass....

but i am an ass

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

letter to the editor/my bad

UPDATE: I just learned, via myspace, from fellow art hop entrepreneur anaii that she called seven days about listing the show shes putting on and they said they'd only advertise the art hop as a whole, smaller shows be damned. i know for a fact that casey rae-hunter wrote about the green doors show last year in the sound bites column, and maybe even the year before...i'm trying to find it online but may not be able to.

so just to show that i'm a good sport i re-emailed seven days and asked them to ignore the letter i sent. but here it is anyway:

got local music news? email dan bolles at ______
this is the header of each weeks 'sound bites' column.
i recently emailed dan about a show i was involved in, the annual art hop night celebration at a local studio. he responded positively, and so i waited for at least some mention in this weeks seven days. so i was a little confused today when i read the paper: the 'sound bites' column, which i believe should cover mostly local music news, was basically filled with a lazy attempt at a humorous review of the ray price/willie nelson/merle haggard show at the fair (haggard sounded haggard? give me a break) and a regurgitation of who's playing this month at higher ground (information that could be found on the very next page, where the higher ground schedule always is!) the ten local bands playing at either the green door studio or speaking volumes friday night were left unmentioned (including the first performance of 'rock n roll sherpa' in several years, a big deal to some people [me])

anyway, i dont want to sound bitter or point fingers, but if the information local musicians/promoters/whatevers email to dan dont get mentioned eventually people will stop sending them. and that would be bad for people more interested in local music than george clinton and parliment/funkadelics 147th stop at higher ground.

jb ledoux

ps. if this information was in the paper and i missed it, please ignore!