Saturday, March 31, 2007

saturday, go!

my old friend jared came into town yesterday, and although it was gorgeous out we spent most the day playing the basketball game at the pizza putt arcade and watching the movie 'blades of glory' the arcade was great fun, we won a big inflatable hammer in the american flag motif- only cost us about 15$! but more importantly, it proved to both of us that we are old & out of shape- I mean come on, you shouldnt break a sweat in an arcade! The movie was good for a couple cheap laughs- the best part was the character played by Jenna Fischer, who plays Pam in The Office (USA) Hot stuff indeed, holy smokes, hot soup!

gonna go over to radio bean for a bagel & coffee- heading back there tonight to see s.p & toby's band Oak- i think i'm going to meet up with jay from spitting out teeth- try to get it out of him if I won this months friday trivia challenge-


Thursday, March 29, 2007

day 4


well, its my fourth day of unemployment- i haven't heard back yet about the job at waterfront video- i was supposed to hear yesterday- today I'll call- probably not a good sign, though. I've been getting up early and going for walks and drinking lots of tea. i am a little bored in the hours between 10am-2pm however- it's still a little too cold for me to enjoy the outside to its full potential- everyones at work! well if i don't get that video job, i am going to have to find a different part-time job. something low-stress and fun, is that too much to ask?

heres a sweet video:

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

saturday night looking like a great night for live music here is sunny burlington vermont. first, the cush are playing at everyones favorite thai fusion restaurant, parima. 5$

secondly, at the burlington factory studios 208 flynn ave, you'll find the cccome? cd release party featuring the cripples and the activist/dictators. 10$

this poses a dillema for me. sure, parima is directly across the street from my house...but at the same time i've been wanting to see a show at the burlington factory studio...what to do?

the le duo

Monday, March 26, 2007


well, i tried to fix the flat tire on my kia yesterday but the lug nuts were stuck. what flat tire you say? the one i got the morning of my last day at work...ironic, i know- i ended up having to get a ride which made me and my friend jaimi both late- i thought it was pretty funny showing up late on my last day- but the people there were sweet and tried to throw me a "secret" party with cheesecake and tons of food- but anyway, the lug nuts were stuck so no matter how hard tanner or i twisted they wouldn't i had to call up my little brothers to give me a hand this morning- spike- the strong one- got one lug off fast but the others were unmovable- then code-bob had the bright idea to use the jack to move the lug wrench thing to turn the worked like a charm. and all it cost me was a bagel & cinnamon bun & 2 milks at radio bean.

at 1pm today i have a job interview at waterfront video. wish me luck!


Sunday, March 25, 2007

canned heat

heres a great black and white psychedelic video from canned heat:

Thursday, March 22, 2007

RIP jb's career at SCOT DHS/CIS 9/29/2003 - 3/23/2007

I took a shitty second shift government clerk job in 2003 to get myself back on my feet after a year of depression & unemployment- 6 months later I switched to a ridiculously early first shift summer 2004 so I would have my nights off to play music- back then I figured after awhile I would get used to the early mornings and maybe even learn to like my job- but after awhile I fell into the familiar trap of getting to used to the money, which is pretty good (thats how these shit jobs get ya) & also finding a new job is a pain in the ass- so I stuck it out month after month even though I hated it and most the people- getting more and more worn out & angry & annoyed & depressed- but finally, just at the right moment, the opportunity I was looking for allowing me to quit on my own terms with respect & admiration presented itself & I jumped at it. Fuck yeah! So, at 2.30 tomorrow afternoon I am done with it. I just hope that I never get myself in the situation again where I need to take the first job that presents itself just to get by...


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

jammin' econo

heres another youtube video for y'all (I like to think I have hundreds of daily readers) 'the minutemen', my favorite politically charged punk band with a chubby bearded lead singer. Friday I'll post my final thoughts on quitting my job, maybe going back to school, living off savings for awhile, etc...

Monday, March 19, 2007

get up

enjoy the godfather, the sweet mustache, the solid gold dancers, the late seventies, all that shit...

jb's a winner!

I won $100 on a powerball ticket! I gotta tell ya, when the guy at the mobil ran my ticket through the machine & it started beeping & said ‘congratulations’ in its little robot computer voice my heart skipped a beat & I almost crapped myself. I already had that 180 million spent. Well, maybe this means sketchy April wont be so sketchy…or maybe it means I’ve exhausted every last bit of good luck in my body for a hundred bucks…

Friday, March 16, 2007

horse apples

One more week of employment and then I enter into what I’m calling ‘sketchy April’ where I will be broke as shit & trying to find a job that I love & not blow my limited funds at the op. my excited nervousness is getting stronger and stronger- here at work I can almost not stop myself from whistling & laughing- one more week! One more week! What makes me really happy is that I’m leaving on my terms & not theirs- you can only push this guy around so much! No, I will NOT drive an extra 60 miles a day! No, I will NOT work an extra 16 hours a week for a job that treats EVERYONE like shit! I wish I could find David Allan Coe in whatever cave he’s living in and bring him here to sing ‘Take This Job & Shove it!’ yeah…

Well, tomorrow everyone is Irish & Catholic & drunk. I think Gahlords new band is playing at euro gourmet and I know a bunch of cool acts are at the radio bean- last st. patricks day nest material played and it was a lot of fun (although not one of our better performances- I mean come on, I played guitar!) so I wish you all green fun & beer.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

somebody murder that cricket!

...and watch bad brains live at cbgb's 1982

Monday, March 12, 2007

Busy weekend- went to the op early to watch the uvm game & play pool & eat complimentary bagels… uvm lost & so did I (at least I made some sweet shots…) met up with brian & ben & todd & tanner- todd had just come back from re-arranging the studio- now there is so much more room & I’m going to be able to play in there with my new music friends…

At 9pm the “blogger conference” met up- not that many bloggers showed up, but it was just as I expected- me, tan, and jay (with the lovely Jamie Lynn) it was fun talking & drinking- jay and Jamie are great people & real easy to get along with. Eventually the whole party moved over to jp’s where we saw some excellent karaoke thanks to ben and Rachael…watching ben sing ‘love fool’ was really an eye opening experience. After that we parted ways- me to bed, the rest of those crazy bastards to the op trying to make last call- I guess they did but it wasn’t pretty…

At the greendoor studio last night the lines between percussion & drone & electronic music were smashed to bits by Jason Kahn & Jon Mueller- I could only stay for the first set I was so tired- & I’m bummed I missed Greg sitting in with them because he had his gong & a couple frame drums laid out & ready to go… I’m sure it was amazing…

9 more work days to go…


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

so Friday is d-day at work- i was told yesterday that for the foreseeable future (a month in their estimate but last year their month turned into 6) i would have to work in the st. albans office- this is the opportunity i have been looking forward to to quit- i have my two week notice letter all ready- there is no way in all hell I'll wake up even earlier to drive even further to a job i hate & is kicking my ass- on top of that is the 16 hours per week of overtime they're dropping on our heads starting April 1st- last year the overtime lasted from April to just about the week of art hop (early sept.) so no more for me! I'm out! this is is just the thing i needed to get a new job & make some changes in my life & I'm excited and happy and looking forward to the future again.

i listened to the boredoms alot today- they're very drummy & spazzy & just the thing i need- I'd love to see them live (seems like every band i really want to see comes to town after i say that- not sure if they're together & touring still...hmmmmm)

in my own musical world, i recently started playing with some new people- they already have a bunch of songs- sounds real good- is fun to play structured rock & roll again- it was way different with nest material- it's also cool joining a band where the songs are already written- its like i come in & do my thing and it sounds like real music- none of this 'what next- what now- huh?' like with the improv stuff I've been playing for the last couple years...

well, my laundry must be almost done by now so I'll be seeing ya...

le duo

Monday, March 05, 2007

jon mueller & jason kahn

More Burlington Sounds:

Mr. Greg Davis says-

hi friends,
got a great show coming up this Sunday with 2 excellent
percussionist / improvisors by way of Z├╝rich and Milwaukee.
jason and jon are on tour and they are making a tangential trek up to
burlington to play music for us.
should be a great show, I'm going to join them for a set as well.

Sunday, March 11th- 8pm (it'll feel like 9, though) GreenDoor Studio- 5$


Sunday, March 04, 2007

metal chunk of something

sunday morning brunch- sausage and biskits and eggs- mimosas & bloody mary's- kyle & rene & isaac & me- last night actually left the op for t. ruggs and was hit on by an old man who called me 'big sis'- do i put out that vibe? who cares... this morning I think some metal chunk of something may have flown out of the bottom of my kia- I'm not quite sure- I may have hit said chunk in the road and it bounced around- still I'm worried and dont have the $ to fix it if it's broken- but I guess I'll still drive it...crazy, no?

the cripples continue to blow my mind everytime I see them- thier new release, due out by june I think, will be the local album of the year, I bet. you heard it hear first, people... "party star" of course killed it- my favorite lyric of their's: 'I'll sleep when I'm dead, I'll fucking die in my sleep' pure rock & roll...