Friday, April 28, 2006


I love the colorful clothes she wears
And the way the sunlight plays upon her hair
I hear the sound of a gentle word
On the wind that lifts her perfume through the air

I'm pickin' up good vibrations

Close my eyes
She's somehow closer now
Softly smile, I know she must be kind
When I look in her eyes
She goes with me to a blossom world

(one of my all-time favorites- also some of the greatest lyrics ever!)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Big Papa's

I heard a little rumour last night- it seems that 135 Pearls, the areas only gay-ish bar, which has been around as long as I can remember, and which has been hosting some really great bands lately has been sold and is being turned into a Papa Johns Pizza place! So now the count is, Gay Bars in Burlington: 0, Mediocre Pizza Places in Burlington: at least 10.

Oh well... as long as they dont close down the O.P I'll be ok.

peace, JB

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

hit me

Maybe the situation with Nest Material wasn’t as dire as I let on. Just an identity crisis and a hiatus- not the fuck you break-up I figured. Practice was fun last night- just Ben and Todd and I- and Mike will be here for the ‘last show’ Friday, May 12th so that will be cool.

In other music news, my new band with Kyle and Jared, tentatively called ‘the Delta State’ already has a gig lined up 5/13/06 even though we haven’t practiced and have no songs and Jared is still in Alaska until 5/6/06. But I’ve made bongs with less, right?

Tonight I’m going to load my I-Pod up at Bens and then try to make it over to the ‘Home Items’ dance party/ Emily B-Day bash at Pearls.

Peace, JB

Friday, April 21, 2006

Album of the Week

Actions by Krzysztof Penderecki & Don Cherry

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Apache AH-64

when I was a kid I was obsessed with helicopters. My friends and I would draw pictures of them and then argue about who's was faster.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Books in my cubicle at work:

Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book
The New Testament of the Jerusalem Bible
The Complete Plays of Aristophanes
The Incredible Sai Baba
Ginsberg: A Biography
Miles: The Autobiography
Louis: The Louis Armstrong Story 1900-1971
The Dharma Bums
Hit Me, Fred: Recollections of a Sideman

Saturday, April 15, 2006

I bought new non- Birkenstock sandals yesterday!

I've spent way too much time at the OP lately. Last night I went there early and had a few, but then came home for a nice evening of relaxation. But then Kyles bro Jer (pronounced Jare) called me up so I just HAD to go back. He lives in Upstate N.Y you see, doesn't get to Burlington much. While there I think I drunkedly talked to Todd and Ryan and Michelle and Emily but I cant be sure. Hopefully nothing too embarassingly drunk was said. But fuck it if it was, right?

but oh well oh well I wasted my now-once-a-week-drunk on Friday beautiful spring day instead of saving it for tonight at the Uterus. It should be a big fun night with bands and a DJ Capsule so everyone come!

Today I have to deal with Yanni and keep him here so tomorrow he will bring me back to Swanton. Did you know Swanton has a pair of swans that are the offspring of the ones given to the town by Queen Lizzy Deuce in the 1950's? Well, it does. Happy Middle Saturday Between Good Friday and Easter Sundae and have a good Easter and maybe I will see you tonight and continue this ramble.

Love, JB

Friday, April 14, 2006

Transcription of Conversation Last Night @ OP

JB: So, whats new with music?

Michelle: hmmmmmm

Ben: uhhhh

JB: So how about indie rock; whats up wit day, huh?

Michelle: I don’t really listen to it much.

Ben: The only good indie rock is ‘Built to Spill’

JB: I cant really get into it, not that I’ve tried, but it seems so popular right now!

Gahlord: Anyone under 19 cant make a decision for themselves. Indie rocks popularity is the direct result of ridalin and (unintelligible) latchkey kids……I have an open tab!!

Ben: ‘Built to Spill!’ ‘Built to Spill!’ 'Built to Spill!' (passionately tears off navy blue and red striped sweater)


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Jazz Fest

Sun Ra Arkestra at Higher Ground
Ahmad Jamal at the Flynn
Maceo Parker at Water Front Park

It's going to be a busy June!

those are some cats I just gotta hang with...shit


Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I saw a great film last night called ‘the Times of Harvey Milk’ about the activist and first openly gay California politician. Milk, who was a San Francisco Supervisor, was gunned down along with the mayor of S.F by a fellow Supervisor, Dan White. White only got five years in prison, basically getting away with murder- in part because of the ‘twinkie defense’ – but I figure it was mostly due to Caucasian-boy-next-door-former-firefighter-White vs. openly-flaming-queen-activist-Milk.

It is an amazingly funny, heart retching film and I recommend it to everyone.

Have a sunny week!

Love, JB

Monday, April 10, 2006

10 Days That unexpectedly Changed nest Material

down down down down I've been feeling kinda run down lately- been all nervous about all kinds of things some I've discovered others hidden- summer approaching always gets me down on myself- scantly clad people every where just make me feel fatter and uglier and less appealing then ever- and the my finances have been all f'd up and my cars need of repairs and band stress- all weighing down on me as of late. needless to say last night and all-day-today I felt a nagging dread about the band..would we be able to keep going and playing and sounding presentable now that Tan has left. I was so worked up last night I don't think I got to bed at all and ended up not going to work today- but after practice I gotta say I feel a whole lot better. We just played with no stress and no expectations and no worries. hopefully that freedom continues at the uterus sat. evening. ramble ramble ramble.


Thursday, April 06, 2006

flambadiddle roll

Listening to a lot of free jazz this week, especially stuff fet. Elvin Jones, Rashied Ali, and Ed Blackwell, as well as a lot of CAN and reading Mickey Harts book has made me realize that I need to get back into my drums for real- studying and practicing and learning and bliss-ing out trance like for hours. So this weekend I think I’ll dust off the ol practice pad, get some new heavy practice sticks and a rudiments book, and go at it. Paradiddle, single stroke roll, and flam myself into happiness. Also, the tabla is amazing- I bet I could even find a tabla class in hippy Burlington. Anyone interested?

Speaking of CAN, I finally listened to ‘Monster Movie’ Wow is that a lot different than the other three CAN albums I have! More psychedelic 60’s U.S sounding. Jaki is kinda toned down, doesn’t yet have that funky groove like on ‘tago mago’ and ‘ege bamyasi’ Track 3 ‘outside my door’ sounds a lot like real early Grateful Dead.



Wednesday, April 05, 2006

the Delta State

‘During activity the brain predominantly pulses in alpha and beta, or between twelve to thirty cycles per second. Theta is the zone of electrical activity the brain decelerates into right before sleep, or the delta state, when we pulse at between two to four cycles per second…Theta is that period of drifting right before sleep when all sorts of thoughts and memories wash through consciousness…’

This is from a book I am reading called 'Drumming on the Edge of Magic' by Mickey Hart. He is exploring the possibility that an altered trance-like state can be achieved by percussive sound, especially drumming.

'Drumming on the Edge' is a very interesting book; part biography, part history of the drum, part quasi-scientific study.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Someone stole Jerry Garcia's toilet!