Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Year Resolutions:

1. Get a new job (one that I like & can think & and forces me to actually do something- one I can feel good about & dosen't require me to get up at 4.45am every god damned morning missing out on all the night’s fun- I used to be a night owl but now find myself tired all the time and not able to sleep in on the weekends)

2. Take better care of myself (less drinking, less eating, more moving around, more ‘me’ time, read more, enjoy the outdoors, maybe meditate or think deep thoughts)

3. Get myself financially set (this always being broke, living paycheck to paycheck & in debt shit sucks)

4. Make Music! (I pay rent monthly at the GreenDoor Studio but hardly use it. I fear I'm getting rusty! I want to record an album as 'the le duo (trio)' this year AND work with Kyle on something)

Ok, 2007, lets do this!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Tanner & I watched an amazing movie the other night: The Lion in Winter: Starring Peter O'Toole as Henry II, Katherine Hepburn as Eleanor of Aquitaine- and featuring the film debut of both Anthony Hopkins & Timothy Dalton (as lovers!) This movie is basically a Christmas tale of a dysfunctional family- a medieval dysfunctional family with sword fights & secret plots to overthrow the king & people being locked in towers etc. The dialogue is so clever and witty with biting insults at every turn. Such great acting by Hepburn and O'Toole- it makes me want to go out and rent everything they've ever been in. The only other movie I'd seen Hepburn in was Suddenly, Last Summer and she was amazing in that as well. O'Toole I'd seen in that early 90's chestnut King Ralph.

On a sadder note, former President Gerald Ford died yesterday- like a lot of Americans, he just couldn't live in a world without James Brown...

nye party plans here!


Monday, December 25, 2006


Papa Don't Take No Mess

Friday, December 22, 2006

James Brown says...

Have a funky Christmas, and I better see YOU at JB & Tanners NYE Dance Down!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Alas, just like Bill Clinton and W.C Fields I think I may have rosacea. I've always had really bad skin and flaky scalp- I just chalked it up to being white and pasty- but for the last year or so my face has been almost constantly red- especially the cheekbone area- like a constant sunburn. And now it's starting to be painful itching burning etc... so I'll probably have to put my fear and distrust of doctors aside and have this taken care of.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Rapper finds inspiration in Chaucer! Full story here.

Baba Brinkman struts and bounces around the stage, belting out his rhymes about hard living, violence, sex and the secrets to true love. He gets his inspiration not from growing up in the 'hood, but from the musings of a 14th-century English poet.

"Ready to kill with their jagged-edged daggers drawn/The three aggravated braggarts staggered up the lawn/And without dragging on while the story is told/Beneath the tree they found a bag filled with glorious gold,"

Brinkman raps in a seamless cadence, updating Geoffrey Chaucer to hip hop. Brinkman, a native of Vancouver, British Columbia, who has a master's degree in medieval and Renaissance English literature from the University of Victoria, has adapted some of Chaucer's earthy, satirical and pious "The Canterbury Tales" into rap.

Brinkman performs the "Pardoner's Tale," the "Miller's Tale" and the "Wife of Bath's Tale." His one-man show, with recorded music and a few props that include a couple of chairs, a bottle of water and a bandanna, is constructed much like the pilgrims' journey in "The Canterbury Tales." He acts as the narrator — a stowaway fan on a tour bus — and plays the part of three rappers on the bus engaged in a rap battle.

motherfucking science is too tight, y'all!

j. bizzel aka the le duo

Monday, December 18, 2006


great interview with Allen Ginsberg at ubuweb- a neat little website I was tipped off to by Spitting Out Teeth (link on right)

Friday, December 15, 2006

On The Corner/Badal Roy

Friday at work listening to Miles’ ‘On the Corner’ one of my favorite albums & maybe one of his best- unappreciated in its day but now widely considered to be one of the pivotal building blocks of hip hop, drum and bass, and electronic music. The producer, Teo Macero (he produced most of Miles’ seminal albums) studied with Otto Luening at Columbia University's Computer Music Center. The first track, succinctly tilted ‘On the Corner/New York Girl/Thinkin’ of One Thing and Doin’ Another/Vote For Miles’ Features prominently the tabla playing of Badal Roy. According to wikipedia, “Unlike many tabla player, Roy does not come from a family of professional musicians and is essentially self-taught. Consequently, his playing is freer than that of many other tabla players, who adhere more strictly to the tala system of Indian rhythm. He often plays a set of up to five tabla (tuned to different pitches) at a time, which he plays melodically as well as rhythmically.” His playing really blows me away- it fits so well into everything else going on (and it gets pretty manic) I love the tabla and have often thought of getting a set and trying to learn how to play- but I have enough of a problem trying to wrap my head around rock & roll rhythms & time- the Indian classical stuff would probably make my head explode- thats why I like Badal- he incorporates more than just tradition in his playing- I can dig that…

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

player 2

A couple of years ago, after the end of the band Kyle & Jared & I were in (East Infection/Burnt Col. [shitty cover band- but lots of drunk fun]) I briefly played in a jammy band called 'One Foot Off' It was me on drums, Harland on lead guitar (an amazing musician, one of the best guitarists I've ever heard, let alone played with) Nate on bass, and this weirdy tattooed guy named Aaron who was the singer/songwriter/rhythm guitar player. We had a pretty decent sound- kinda hippy- really long songs- the lyrics were about smoking weed and other ill shit. Played a couple of shows at Nectars opening up for a pretty popular band at the time called the Lestons- things were going ok- then one day, out of the blue- Aaron, who was living with Nate, just left town. He left a note saying he had a 9 year old daughter in Florida that he hadn't seen in years, wanted to spend time with her etc... he had never mentioned any of this to us- but oh well, we kind of fell apart after that which was weird- because Nate and Harland and I got to be pretty good friends and we all wanted to play on- but you know how that shit goes.

Well, years pass and I forgot all about Aaron- until the magic of myspace- he contacted me with three or four friend requests- personal, his new band, his tattoo business- and, oddly enough, one for OUR old band, 'One Foot Off' I thought it was kinda odd putting up a site for a band long since dead whose only recordings were shitty basement tapes- but oh well. Anyway, check it out if you want to hear some mildly embarrassing hippy drivel- the songs are long so skip ahead 5 minutes to where we're really jamming- and remember its in a basement and I'm playing on shitty old drums with crappy cymbals (not an excuse!)

Anyway anyway anyway Nate and Harland have a new band called 'Player 2' and they are opening for "Party Star" Friday night at the Monkey bar. It should be a great night.

hump day

Interested in what Tanner & Ben have to say about 2006? Check out False 45th

Interested in what Seven Days has to say about the puppet "Faust"? ch-ch-check it.

Interested in seeing a great rock&roll show on Friday? "Party Star" at the Monkey House.

Interested in hearing a good album? My Life in the Bush of Ghosts/ Brian Eno & David Byrne

le duo out-

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I somehow lost my last post so heres one about Moondog

Hung out with Brian Friday night at Three Needs- we got to talking about Moondog- that crazy blind bearded Viking street performing saint. I first heard of Moondog through Tanner who put the album ‘More Moondog’ on a mp3 dvd he made me. It was all really early stuff- Native American style drumming and that Oo he played and field recorded pieces. I’d like to hear the later stuff- 60’s and beyond…

Friday, December 08, 2006


Ah yes, the Doobie Brothers- one of my all-time favorite guilty pleasure bands (along with Chicago, Aerosmith, and early Johnny Cougar)

From Wikipedia:

"The Doobie Brothers honed their chops by performing live all over northern California in 1970. They attracted a particularly strong following among local chapters of the Hells Angels, and scored a recurring gig at one of the bikers' favorite venues, the rustic Chateau Liberte in the Santa Cruz mountains. An energetic set of demos (some of which were briefly released on Pickwick Records in 1980 under the title Introducing the Doobie Brothers) showcased fuzz-toned, dual lead electric guitars, three-part harmonies and Hartman's frenetic drumming and earned the band a contract at Warner Brothers Records."


"Simmons' signature tune "Black Water" (from 1974's What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits) became the band's first #1 single. "Black Water," which featured the instantly unforgettable refrain, "I'd like to hear some funky Dixieland, pretty mama come and take me by the hand," eventually propelled the album to multi-platinum status. "

I'll talk Doobies with ya all night, as long as you dont bring up Michael McDonald. Oh how I loathe Michael McDonald! You ruined the Doobie Brothers with your shitty ass soft rock I-wish-I-was-a-soul-singer rubbish! And thoes Motown covers! Goddamn man, have you no respect? Blue-eyed soul my fat ass!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

last minutes 'Faust' publicity...

BURLINGTON, VT — It’s miniature musical theater, and opera for the masses! Viva Voce Puppet Opera is pleased to announce that tickets are available once more for its Winter 2006 production: a scaled-down version of Charles Gounod’s Faust.
The original French opera, first staged in Paris in 1859, is based on Goethe’s 1808 German closet drama by the same title. Its all-too-familiar storyline of temptation and redemption has since become part of popular culture: an aged scholar makes a deal with the devil to obtain youth, love and power, but in exchange, he literally signs away his soul. The beloved Marguerite, an unfortunate girl whom Faust seduces with the devil Mephistopheles’ help, faces terrible trials before ascending to heaven. Who's been naughty this year? What happens to Faust? Come see, and hear, at a pre-holiday show!
All of the characters are portrayed by handmade puppets created by Burlington artist Kathleen DeSimone. Vocalists interact with their puppet-role counterparts to sing actual arias from the Gounod opera at strategic plot points — highlights include “The Jewel Song,” sung by soprano Roxanne Vought as Marguerite, and Mephistopheles’ sinister “Laughing Song,” voiced by UVM grad student and bass Guan Jian. A small orchestra provides sound effects and incidental music, and a complement of live actors, voice actors and puppeteers rounds out the company.
The show will take place on Thursday, December 7 at 8 p.m., at Club Metronome, 188 Main Street, Burlington. Please be on time, and please note that Faust may not suitable for small children.
Tickets are $10 each, and may be purchased in advance at The Radio Bean, 8 North Winooski Avenue, Burlington,

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


The Avey Tare & Kria Brekken w/ Greg Davis show last night was fantastic! Gregs show was pulsey and droney and just the thing to get me into the music mood- And then the main event- I have only heard a little Animal Collective (Sung Tongs- I really liked it) and I haven't heard Mum at all- but there was a keyboard and a few acoustic guitars up front- I guess I was pretty close to knowing what it was going to sound like- strange little folk songs with cool and interesting vocal chirps and squeals from Kria and lyrics about fetuses trying to talk- pretty much what I expected.

For better and more interesting reviews keep your eyes on:

False 45th

One More Thing:

For those of you who aren't planning on seeing the Jack Rose, Peter Walker, F.S Blumm show tomorrow (Thursday) at the Firehouse, you should consider seeing "Faust" brought to you by the Vive Volce Puppet Opera at Club Metronome 8pm sharp tickets 10$ available at the Radio Bean- There will also be a few bands playing (cccome? and Oak) and all kinds of other entertainment. Come one come all!


Sunday, December 03, 2006


Tired of standing in line for what seems like hours to have brunch at Penny Cluse? Then Magnolia Breakfast and Lunch Bistro is for you! I just discovered this relatively new downtown restaurant today thanks to Marnie. It's located at 1 Lawson Lane which is that little alley beside American Flatbread. Great menu (features a lot of local & organic foods) atmosphere (its much brighter and friendlier then the last bar/restaurant in that location) and staff. This just might be my new weekend brunch place now that Cafe Piccolo is closed (I got on that train too late) I just hope they fare better than the last 1/2 dozen businesses at this location.

So, enjoy!


Friday, December 01, 2006

Global warming much? Yes...much too much

Here is a great article from the Washington Post by Laurie David, wife of TV personality Larry David and staunch anti-global warming crusader. Basically it describes how the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) turned down 50,000 free copies of 'An Inconvenient Truth' because they didn't want to get caught up with "special interest groups" even though they accept millions of dollars from Exxon Mobil Corp. and other oil and energy companies. So big oil, who have done everything in their power to convince people that global warming is a myth, is funding our children's education. How do you like that shit? Seems if we had a little more money in the education budget educators wouldn't have to take money from these pig-fuckers.

Anyway, I was tipped off to this article by V.T political guru Peter Freyne's excellent blog, Freyne Land.

happy weekend,

Thursday, November 30, 2006

breast therapy...dig it

So, according to Eva the Deadbeat at the Deadbeat Update, I am not a pervert...just health conscious.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Monday, November 27, 2006

Beowulf, bitch!

Tan and I watched Beowulf & Grendel yesterday. While not the greatest movie, it was fun and epic and had a weird troll-on-witch sex scene. Plus Grendels mother was badass. Well, it piqued our interest so tonight I may rent the Beowulf movie made in 1999 starring Christopher Lambert.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


From Wikipedia:

A tourtière is a meat pie originating from Quebec, usually made with ground pork and/or veal, or beef. The true original French Canadian tourtière was made with 'tourte', a type of Passenger Pigeon, hence its name. It is a traditional Christmas and New Year's Eve dish in Quebec, but is also enjoyed and sold in grocery stores all year long. This kind of pie is known as pâté à la viande (literally, meat pie) in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region. Tourtière is not exclusive to the province of Québec. Tourtière is a traditional French-Canadian dish served by generations of French-Canadian families throughout Canada. In the U.S. state of Vermont citizens of Québécois ancestry have introduced the recipe to the state's culture, and it is traditionally eaten on Christmas Eve.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Kramer's a rascist?

article here: I guess after being heckled by a couple of black guys Michael Richards unleashed a rant filled with the naughtiest of naughties (aka the 'n-word')

who would'a thunk it?
I went to three parties this weekend!

The first was the diorama-o-rama, where people learned that when JB is 15 or so beers deep he can cut the fucking rug.

The second was a pie crust making, quiche eating, eggnog drinking party at Meghan & Gahlord & Phoebe's. It was pretty exclusive.

The THIRD was a pot-luck stylee Thanksgiving dinner over at Kyle Bryant Becca & Jays. 40 people! So much food! Santa Clause is Coming to Town on DVD!

I'm almost Thanksgiving burned out and there are still 4 days to go...


Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I've come to realize that this blog is kinda worthless and bland- impersonal and generic- forgettable and regrettable- so now I'm going to try to make an effort to post meaningful and personal things. i may have to limit posts to once a week or less even (i don't think anyone except maybe tanner reads this anyway)- i really don't have much to say- and usually when i do have something important to say the anger or fear or loneliness or pain that inspired it burns away too fast before i can come up with a way to express it. so bear with me...

Monday, November 13, 2006

thanks to everyone who came out for my birthday
or who went to the cupcake party
hopefully I'll see you all at the diorama party
at the greendoor Friday night
or maybe at the Monkey bar Saturday night
for "party star" & the new siberians

a birthday haiku:
at the op late
a rousing happy birthday
was sung for jb


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

election wrap-up/diorama-o-rama

The Election Night Party was a rousing success! Thanks to everyone who came out and talked and laughed and drank and didn’t care that I went to bed early. Last I heard the Senate was still split 49-49 and the Dems had the House! About fucking time…Rick Santorum you fucking pecker.

Anyway, tonight I’m off to Montreal to see Bob Dylan with the Foo Fighters Acoustic (of all people) and then my 4 day birthday extravaganza begins! Thursday and Friday I’m spending at my Dads new hunting cabin in Duane, NY. But I’ll be home by Friday night if anyone wants to buy me a beer!

Ok see ya! JB

One more thing… a little diorama contest invite from Drew at the GreenDoor Studio!

After a great Halloween show, we are gearing up for the next one. The Diaramma-o-ramma is as follows: A shoe box, other than that its totally open ended. We put out a call to artists in the 7days and hopefully will get some good response. $5 entry fee and the top three will walk away with the funds due to popular vote. So encourage others to join in, submissions due 17th November, Friday, and the opening will follow that very same evening. Looking forward,

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Election night extravaganza!


the le duo’s third bi-annual Election Night Party!

Tuesday, November 7th 7pm
12 Clarke St. Apt #1

Come listen to music and watch the election results with the most sarcastic, ill-informed Monday-morning-quarterback political team ever!

Things you can expect:

Bob Kiss specials (for the Progressives)
wine (for the Democrats)
leftover Halloween candy
Fox News
JC Penney
John Stewart & Stephen Colbert
laughter (hopefully)
maybe some Republicans?

Hope to see you all there!

just 2 days till the election and shit is heating up...evangelical pastors sentenced to hang and Saddam getting massages from gay bodybuilding meth dealers...wait a sec, maybe it's the other way around!

the le duo

Thursday, November 02, 2006

birthday bean

I haven’t really heard much about it or even seen the poster, but this Saturday is the 6th birthday celebration at Radio Bean- you know the deal- 40+ acts between 8am Saturday morning and 2am Sunday morning. Last year Nest Material had a great 20 minute jam featuring at least 12 people including Gahlord Dewald, Greg Davis, and Johnny Sparkle. This years festivities kick off with “Party Star” at 8am- I’m gonna try to make it for this, go home get some sleep, go back and forth all afternoon for music and FREE coffee- and then finally make it to the Shredding & Wind Up Bird show at the Greendoor Studio at 8pm. Whew!


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

give peace a chance?

An interesting article dealing with two letters Gandhi wrote to Adolph Hitler in 1939 and 1940.

Gandhi: "It is quite clear that you are today the one person in the world who can prevent a war which may reduce humanity to the savage state. Must you pay that price for an object however worthy it may appear to you to be? Will you listen to the appeal of one who has deliberately shunned the method of war not without considerable success?"

His critics: "In other words, Gandhi was a naïve fool who tried in vain to sell his non-violence as a panacea to the Führer."

Sunday, October 29, 2006

the le duo rubbing shoulders with politicians.

This is a photo of my family with Senator Patrick Leahy, taken circa 1988 after my Dad won this big award after inventing a little gadget that saved the Federal government millions of dollars. Sweet mullets and matching sweaters!

Friday, October 27, 2006


Come see Mephisto get his tonight & tomorrow 8pm 294 N. Winooski Ave Burlington.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Friday, October 20, 2006

"we were a very unique band"

I just read this excellent in-depth interview with Babatunde Olatunji, the Nigerian drummer who was almost single handedly responsible for introducing African music and dance to the United States in the late 1950's. He has a lot of interesting things to say about music and dance and the healing power of song and race relations etc. A little weekend reading for ya...


Thursday, October 19, 2006

we's smart

For the second year in a row, Vermont was declared the Nations smartest State by Morgan Quitno Press, an independent private research and publishing company located in Lawrence, Kansas. Read the press release here. My favorite quote:

“Any encyclopedia will tell you that Vermont produces more maple syrup, marble and monument granite than any other state,” said Scott Morgan, President of Morgan Quitno Press. “But the state also produces stellar students, thanks to its commitment to high quality elementary and secondary education.”

New England kicked ass, with Massachusetts and Connecticut also in the top 5. Arizona was ranked last. Thanks to all my friends who are teachers and educators and parents and loving supporters of children everywhere!


Monday, October 16, 2006


Its only recently that I’ve really been digging on Punk music- it reminds me a lot of Free Jazz, which I’ve really been into since Tanner got me a cassette of Coltranes ‘Ascension’ a couple of years ago for xmas- they both have the same kinda raw expressions of emotion and angst, pain, alienation- they both have a sense of ‘this is our music, like it or don’t, we don’t give a fuck so fuck you anyway’ I used to totally disregard punk and other forms of music that didn’t have high the levels of musicianship I was into. But now I see that the messages sometimes make up for the lack of chops. Bands I’ve been listening to a lot include the Velvet Underground, Patti Smith Group, the Ramones, Television, the Clash, and the Minutemen.

So it seems kind of sad that CBGB’s closed down- I’d always wanted to go there and see some music- although I’m sure I would have been let down- all those famed music clubs are so past there prime- like Birdland or Mintons Playhouse – but it still would have been cool.

Oh well…

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Tonight: Ryan Power and the Cripples at ½ Lounge. Aaron tells me this may be Ryans last local show for a long while, so everyone should go! It’s a little late in the pm for my liking- so I may go to Radio Bean and see the Calder String Quartet- read more here.

Tomorrow: Greg Davis is throwing another show at the Green Door studio at 8pm- read more here. At 10pm, “Party Star” and the Cripples are playing at the Monkey Bar in the Onion City.

Saturday: After almost 5 ½ years of marriage, my good friends Luke & Regina LeClair are finally having a wedding. I’m taking the lovely Marnie Long from Nest Material as my date. Should be a great time!


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

lindsay & outward bound

I got a surprise call from my old friend Lindsay Saturday night- a rarity-lets just say shes not the best at keeping in touch- although she says she reads the le duo & highgate but I need proof-post a freakin comment! Anyway, she lives in Asheville, NC, and studies at Warren Wilson College. Lindsay sounded happier and more content then I've heard her sound in years and at first, because it was 1 in the morning, I thought maybe she was drunk- but then I realized its true- she's really happy- finishing school, new love, and new career-working for Outward Bound.

Outward Bound was first conceived in 1941 in Great Britain and has since become the premier adventure-based education program in the world. During World War II, renowned educator Kurt Hahn developed programs to instill greater self-reliance and spiritual tenacity in young British seamen being torpedoed by German U-boats. The Outward Bound philosophy is based around six core values:

Adventure and Challenge
Challenge is an action that requires special effort. Adventure is an exciting and remarkable experience that involves uncertain outcomes and acceptable risks.

Inclusion and Diversity
Welcoming and respecting differences strengthens the richness of ideas and perspectives brought to bear on challenge and learning. The transformational experience of Outward Bound is more powerful when it takes place in the company of others as diverse as the society in which we live.

Social and Environmental Responsibility
Social and environmental responsibility instills in students a sense of integrity, which results in choices and actions that have a positive effect on society and the environment.

Learning Through Experience
Learning through experience is a lifelong process based on action and reflection. Experiences are intentionally designed, presented and reflected upon to instill values and promote skill mastery for people at all stages in their life-span.

Character Development
Character development means developing capacities of mind, body, and spirit to better understand one's responsibilities to self, others, and the community.

Compassion and Service
Compassion is a heartfelt, caring connection to each other and the world around us. Service is an active expression of valuing our common humanity and the natural world.

Lindsay, I am so proud & happy that you found something you love and can truly believe in. That's what we're all searching for I think.


Thursday, September 28, 2006


hey!- my long awaited, long overdue vacation starts in 45 minutes! So, for the next 11 days if anyone wants to entertain me or have me entertain them or hang out sit peacefully drink coffee/tea read play music work on kibosh records drink bloody marys hike pick apples cook dinner take a drive watch a movie watch seinfeld re-runs hang out at the op catch up on six feet under laugh cry scream hide blog or anything else, just drop me a line!

yeah man


Wednesday, September 27, 2006


This years winter reading project, The Possessed by Fyodor Dostoevsky- a whopping 701 pages!

I tried to read some F. Dos before- The Idiot- I really enjoyed it at first but it got so long winded towards the last third of the novel I put it down for awhile and, regrettably, never finished it. Not this time! I'm gonna make The Possessed my bitch!


Monday, September 25, 2006


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

robert johnson

The most widely known legend surrounding Robert Johnson says that he sold his soul to the Devil at the crossroads of U.S. Highway 61 and U.S. Highway 49 in Clarksdale, Mississippi in exchange for prowess in playing the guitar. Actually, the location Johnson made reference to is a short distance away from that intersection. The legend was told mainly by Son House, but finds no corroboration in any of Johnson's work, despite titles like "Me and the Devil Blues" and "Hellhound on My Trail". With this said, the song "Cross Road Blues" is both widely and loosely interpreted by many as a descriptive encounter of Johnson selling his soul. The older Tommy Johnson (no relation, although it is speculated that they were cousins) also claimed to have sold his soul to the Devil. The story goes that if one would go to the crossroads a little before midnight and begin to play the guitar, a large black man would come up to the aspiring guitarist, retune his guitar and then hand it back. At this point (so the legend goes) the guitarist had sold his soul to become a virtuoso (A similar legend even surrounded virtuoso violinist Niccolo Paganini a century before.)

wikipedia man

Monday, September 18, 2006

Snake near a Coke machine?

I was walking back from my early morning pee when I saw a garter snake like this one just chillin out on the floor near the vending machines. I thought it was pretty funny so I rather dramatically started yelling 'help help snake!' Man, people started freaking out! I grabbed a box and trapped it, and just when I was about to just scoop him up and bring him outside the maintenance man came over and said 'I'll take care of it.' What did the redneck asshole do? He just lifted up the box and stomped him! Oh well, I figure any snake that slithers into the DHS CIS building where I work (Department of Homeland Security, Citizenship and Immigration Services) is probably suicidal anyway.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

art hop pictures care of angela and ben

Hip Crowd

the le duo & Johnny Sparkle

Mike Y.

Aaron H.
Hammer & Saw

Ryan Power

Greg Davis

(blurry) Oak

Home Items (pre Rock stardom)

Monday, September 11, 2006

thanks a lot

Well, the Art Hop went off without a hitch- we were never more than 18 minutes off schedule, no one got fined for noise or alcohol, and except for a couple of stolen bikes (sorry The Cush!) I didn’t hear of anything bad happening.

Much Thanks & Love to all the bands and everyone who helped set up/poster/blog- and everyone who just came to enjoy the music:

Ben, Todd, Mike, Tanner, Brian, Marnie, Gahlord
Drew, Phil, Tom, Clark, Andrea, Athena, and everyone else at the Green Door
Greg Davis
Hammer & Saw (Marina, Michelle, Emily)
Ryan Power
Home Items (Aziza, Mandy, Michelle, Emily, Meghan, Stacey, Angela)
Oak (Tobi, Sara-Paule, Tyler, Chris)
Magic Sparkle (Johnny & Jess)
“Party Star” (Kyle, Dan, Matt, Will)
The Smittens (Dana, Colin, Holly, David)
The Cripples (Aaron, Jeb, Ryan [Andy])
The Cush (Burette, Gaby, Steve, Chris)

I hope everyone had as good of a time as I did- the Art Hop is always one of my favorite times of the year. Next year expect bigger and better…


Ps. Everyone who missed the Home Items set missed the show of the year.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

a(r)t the hop

(This Friday September 8th at the Green Door Studio, G1, corner of Pine and Howard Streets 4.30-11.00pm)

Casey wrote a little something about the Art Hop musical goings-on in this weeks SevenDays.

I hope everyone can come & check this out- it should be lots of fun. I got a little over zealous and booked 11 acts, so thanks in advance to people who are going to save my ass by helping out alot (Todd, Gahlord, Mike, Ben, Brian, everyone at the Green Door Studio etc...) Also, thanks a ton to all the amazing, eclectic bands who agreed to play. I'm so psyched- I get to see all of my favorite VT bands and play in the same evening!

So here we go.....


Tuesday, September 05, 2006


great weekend!

started off thursday with me buying new shoes- only three months after I truly needed them- hate spending money on necessities-

friday night the "party star" and Cripples show was awesome- the place was pretty packed and, while it sucked waiting half an hour for a drink, it was great seeing so many people I hadn't seen in awhile- then off to breakfast's apt. for a little after show party, complete with a drag queen and a little too much jim beam choice (gross cheap jim beam) followed by a drunken regrettable trip to denny's.

saturday spent hanging out with jenny and eboni- up for the weekend from nyc- lovely girls

sunday night tanner and I hosted a little dinner party (jenny cooked delicious salmon tuna mushroom sauce delights) slash lets watch the deadbeat club and show off our new clean apt party. followed by half dozen episodes of 'peep show' maybe the funniest thing ever-

monday I tried to recover from the weekend, said goodbye to jenny and eb- napped- then great nest material practice- not only do I feel that we're ready to play friday night, I also feel better about the way I played- It'll be great- and Mike will be there!

keep your eye out for art hop posters and also Casey's write-up in tomorrows sevendays


Monday, August 28, 2006

dabor lay weekend

So, less than two weeks until the big art hop show…things getting busy and hectic…anyone have a p.a for me to borrow…gahlord maybe? Gotta get ahold of all the bands- make sure we can do this with a minimum of amp swapping etc…but with the two semi-stages it should be cool- also have to work in some nest material practices- haven’t played really since may- sounded kinda creaky and rusty- I myself sounded like shit…need to get in their for a few hours and try to re-discover my drums…

I’m already excited for this long holiday weekend…Kyles band “party star” and the cripples are playing Friday night at the monkey in Winooski…my friend adam’s band turkey bullion mafia sat. and sun. nite at nectars- and does greg have someone coming to the greendoor on Sunday? Thought I read something about it at solidstate…plus maybe family bbq in the f.c… hang out with gage and natalie- fresh new nephew and niece-


Tuesday, August 15, 2006


"Could I, I thought, be the last coward on earth? How terrifying! …All alone with two million stark raving heroic mad-men, armed to the eyeballs? With and without helmets, without horses, on motorcycles, bellowing, in cars, screeching, shooting, plotting, flying, kneeling, digging, taking cover, bounding over trails, root-toot-tooting, shut up on earth as if it were a loony bin, ready to demolish everything on it, Germany, France whole continents, everything that breathes, destroy destroy, madder than mad dogs, worshipping their madness (which dogs don’t) a hundred, a thousand times madder than a thousand dogs, and a lot more vicious! A pretty mess we were in! No doubt about it, this crusade I’d let myself in for was the apocalypse!"

This is a quote from ‘Journey to the End of the Night’ by Louis-Ferdinand Celine. Talkin about WWI- but is it really much different than our current situation? Or maybe all wars are the same? Nobody quite sure why they’re fighting, or who- some not caring why or who- what a mess!

I recommend this book to everyone. It is a darkly comical, cynical look at life in Europe and America during and after WWI. I’m not finished with it yet, but if anyone wants it after me just holler- also, the sequel to ‘Journey to the end of the Night’ is called ‘Death on the Installment Plan’ what a great title!


Friday, August 11, 2006


Every time I see or hear this guy I have more and more respect for him. Besides being an outstanding drummer, he has a sweet afro and a pretty cool stage name (it's no 'the le duo' but still...) Just saw Dave Chappelles Block Party yester day with Eboni, and it is funny as hell and has some great music. Maybe I'm finally coming around on (some) hip hop? I dont know- but I thought The Roots and The Fugees and Dead Prez and Angie Stone & Erykah Badu were alright.

power to the people- one love- peace out


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

still moving

Still is still moving to me
And I swim like a fish in the sea all the time
But if that's what it takes to be free I don't mind
Still is still moving to me
Still is still moving to me

And it's hard to explain how I feel
It won't go in words but I know that it's real
I can be moving or I can be still
But still is still moving me
Still is still moving to me


Monday, August 07, 2006

"Party Star"

Saturday Aaron H, Mike L and I took a little drive to attend a concert in the ‘Burgh (this time it was Hinesburg) My good friends “Party Star” were playing their first show along with Workingmans Army, Sounds of Urchin, and Named By Strangers. ¾ of “Party Star” used to be in a band called The Lestons, one of the best live local bands I’ve ever seen. Their shows were so much fun- the songs were rocking and funny and the rhythm section tight as hell. The other 25% of “Party Star” is my friend and former roommate Kyle (aka K-Chev aka John Paul Jonsey) I hadn’t heard Kyle play much electric guitar since we were in a band together- and that was mostly drunken shitty-ass cover songs. More recently he’s been playing bass in a band called the Night Birds. Although his guitar was a little low in the mix, his lead lines blew me away- man is he good. So much talent in such a greasy-haired frame. “Party Star” has the same energy as the old Lestons, but with a little harder edge. Plus Kyles lead lines are way different then the old guitarist, Gabe. Needless to say they played great, especially for a debut show, and I recommend them to everybody who loves rock & roll. Oh, did I mention they were playing at the Art Hop at Green Door Studio Friday, September 8th at about 8 o’clock? Also Monkey House w/ The Cripples 9/1/06.


Thursday, August 03, 2006


The Jerry liked to teach in parables. Most hippies were too dumb to understand them, however. Being a kind man, The Jerry would always explain.

From the Book of Lesh- Chapter 8, verses 11-15

The Parable of the Pot-Grower Explained

This, then, is what the parable means: The reefer is the word of God. Those on the edge of the path are people that have smoked it, and then the Devil comes and carries away the word from their hearts in case they should believe and be saved. Those on the rock are people who, when they first smoke it, welcome the weed with joy. But these have no root; they smoke for awhile, but in times of trial they give up. As for the part that fell into the thorns, this is people who have smoked, but as they go on their way they are choked by the worries and riches and pleasures of life and do not reach stoniness. As for the part in the rich soil, this is people with a noble and generous heart who have smoked the pot and take it to themselves and yield a harvest through their perseverance.

Next week, the Jerry battles WeirDog…


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

thinking daisies

When does a band stop being a local band?
How do you define local band?
I'd say a local band is one you can catch on a Thursday night at a local bar for less than $10- not one who's every Burlington appearance turns into a local media event with tickets costing as much as some big-time acts. So, in my opinion, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals shouldn't even be eligible for Best Local Band in the Seven Days Daysies awards. And who the hell did the Dirty Blondes have to sleep with in order to get runner up? (just kidding- I saw the DB's this weekend and thought they were awesome. I want to party with them)

Tomorrow, the next chapter in the life of Lord Jerry.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Jerry Week!

Today kicks off my annual ‘Jerry Week’, a nine day celebration of all things Jerry Garcia. August 1st (the anniversary of the Jerrys birth) to August 9th (the anniversary of his death)

For those of you who don’t know, the Jerry was born on a small hilltop cabin in Tibet under a full moon and criss-crossing rainbows. Nursed by a she-wolf, the Jerry obtained total enlightenment whilst playing a single note for 45 minutes on a dusty mandolin. Upon reaching the age of 15, the Jer was air-mailed to San Francisco where he single handedly invented ‘peace’ and ‘love’ and led the United States out of a period of darkness into the perfect utopian society we enjoy today. Then he met Bob Weir and everything turned to shit.

The end…….or is it?

Stay tuned!


Monday, July 31, 2006


Some pictures of Chevalier Fest I last weekend at the Overtime Saloon in St. Albans.
If you look closely you can see Tanner and Boz and Brian, but not 1 picture of JB! Drummers get no respect!


Thursday, July 27, 2006

This is kinda cool...

'On the Road' un-edited to be published in 2007.

Getting ready for Multiplicity '06- I'm bummed that I'm going to miss the Crombie St. block party and the Old North End Ramble but I gotta support the 'burgh.

Everyone have a fun weekend!


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Art Zoo

From the Burlington Free Press dot com:

"A free one-day event called Art Zoo takes over Battery Park in Burlington from 3-9 p.m. Saturday. One of the creative forces behind the art-and-music mini-festival is Jonny Aquadora, formerly the powerhouse drummer behind Burlington rock trio Fire the Cannons. Art Zoo will feature performance artists as well as bands from Burlington, Boston and Montreal. The "Above the Clouds Acoustic Stage" hosts quietly intense singer-songwriter Anna Pardenik and ex-Dialogue for Three mastermind Rob Koier from 3-5 p.m. The "Electric Stage" operates from 5:30-9 p.m. with Momster (a wacky creative duo you just have to see to believe), Boston group Hats and Glasses, Montreal's Many Mental Mistakes, Aquadora's latest project Magic Sparkle and Burlington groups The 78s and The Cush."

anyone going to this? I probably will...


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

rock & roll extravaganza!

If anyone is interested, I'm playing in a pick-up band Friday July 21st 8pm-ish at the Overtime Saloon in sunny St. Albans, VT. All cover songs, Beatles, Elton John, Chicago, Fleetwood Mac, even a little Skynyrd. Should be a fun time for all....


Friday, July 14, 2006

How I almost Killed Two Kids Last Night

I was returning from seeing ‘The Proposition’ last night with Eboni, driving North on S. Winooski. I pulled up to the stop sign at either Maple or King, not sure- one block from Main. There was a skater bro shirtless holding a board running around stopping traffic, I was like ‘what is this idiot doing?’ just thinking he was fucking around- drunk high whatevs. So I looked around, no traffic, and started to go when all of a sudden- on my right side- screaming down the hill- come two fucking idiot sonsabitches on skateboards… I slammed on my brakes- only about 5 feet into the intersection- and seriously came about 18 inches of taking those two dumb fucks out. The traffic director guy yelled ‘what are you doing!!??’ and when I drove off he pointed to his head and said ‘think safe!’ my witty retort? ‘you think safe, ASSHOLE!!!!!’

Now I’m all for skateboarding, and being cool and rebelling and thrill seeking and teen angst and hating your parents or whatever silly trip these guys are on but just don’t do it at 9:30pm when its dark out and at least have the guy come over to my window and say ‘hey, skaters are coming through here, hold up a bit would you?’ yes I would, gladly.



Thursday, July 13, 2006

Highlight of Yesterdays Show

Phil and Friends with Trey Anastasio playing Viola Lee Blues:

The judge decreed it, the clerk he wrote it
The clerk he wrote it down indeed-e
The judge decreed it, the clerk he wrote it down
If you miss jail sentence, you'll be Nashville bound

Some got six months, some got one solid
Some got one solid year, indeed-e
Some got six months, some got one solid year
But me and my buddy, we got lifetime here

I wrote a letter, mailed it in the
Mailed it in the air, indeed-e
I wrote a letter, mailed it in the air
You may know my brother, I've got a friend somewhere

Joan Osborne sounded (and looked) great. Other than that, the show was only so-so...and wet, very wet


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

& Friends

Off to see Phil & Friends (fet. Joan Osborne) Mike & Trey, and The Duo tonight at the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds. I’m really excited to see Phil, I saw him a few years back at Memorial Auditorium and it was so much more vibrant and fresh and good then I ever saw the Dead play, with or without Jerry. And say what you will about ‘What if God Was One of Us?’ Joan Osborne has a great voice and I bet she can belt some Jerry. The Duo I’m kinda ehhh about. They are similar to Medeski, Martin and Wood but not as good- I saw them at Nectars and was disappointed. Not really sure how I feel about seeing Trey and Mike. So many of my teenage years were spent listening to Phish and seeing shows, and by the end I was a little sick of them (and the fans) and swore never to see Trey solo…but anyway, regardless of how creepy or lame or weird they are, I still think Trey and Mike are pretty good musicians. Although I do blame Mike for most of Radio Beans recent problems, and Ben tells me Mike and his friends have a hell of a time deciding between a soy or yogurt base for their Muddy Waters mango smoothies.

Frank and Marnie are coming and its sure to be a blast…

Peace, man- like dig it

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Syd Barrett Dies!!

Shine On You Crazy Diamond...

Monday, July 10, 2006

brûlure dans l'enfer, Zidane!

What a game! Man, I hate to see the championship game go to penalty kicks, but I am a big fan of head-butts, so what the hell! Zidane Zidane Zidane!! Henry! Ledoux! shucks


Friday, June 30, 2006


All this talk of Independence Day activities (BBQ, fireworks etc) has got me thinking about my 4th of July Curse, or as I refer to it 'Fuck-god-damn-it-ouch!'

Anyway, on two separate July Fourths, I have painfully shattered my front teeth in weird and unpredictable ways.

1. 7/4/1999- This is when the curse began. Early in the afternoon, after the Alburgh 4th of July parade (I've missed it maybe 4 times in my life) I went to my old friend Kyles house- he was still living with his folks at the time...actually he may not have been there (still in Utah) but I went to see his parents/older brother Jeremy. My friend Pete B. was already there- he had his motorcycle parked in the driveway- and clumsy ass lets never pay attention JB walks too close to it and BURNS THE FUCK OUT OF HIS LEG ON THE TAILPIPE!!! Yowee!! I'd never been burned so bad where I could see the skin turn from black to white to red in about 5 seconds! Well, Kyles mom Kim took care of me and bandaged me up, and I started drinking to dull the pain.
Later on we all decided to go to a shitty Canadian bar called 'the Rocket SuperClub' basically just a place where underage Americans go to get wasted. I was out on the dance floor shaking what my momma gave me, when someone passed me a bottle of Champagne- so I took a big slug 'o the jug, someone bumps in to me- crash bang boom BROKEN TEETH!!! I was in the bathroom spitting up teeth and blood for 20 minutes before I could find a ride back to the U.S.

2. Flash forward to 7/4/2005- I'm a little older, a little wiser. I have a healthy fear of glass bottles- learned my lesson. I had just got back from the Alburgh 4th of July parade (quite a spectacle really) and was at Oakledge park for the Three Tomatoes/Niccos Cucina party (lots of friends of mine worked there at the time- Kyle, Marnie, Frank, Marie, Jess, Josh, Ross etc..) the day was winding down, I was sitting on the beach petting Ivan, my friend Pete R.'s huge Rottweiler and I guess when I stood up it was a little too sudden jerky because Ivan tried to BITE MY FACE OFF!! he just split-second-fast snapped and bit my face. I've never been hit with such force before. My glasses went flying- blood was all over my face and in my eyes from a puncture wound right above my eye, and alas, MY FRONT TOOTH WAS BROKEN AGAIN!! man... It didnt really hurt that much, I suppose (I just looked like an idiot with a broken tooth for a few days) and cute girls in swimsuits were taking care of I got to miss a day of

This year I'm going to be a little more cautious... I'm staying away from dogs and glass bottles...fuck it, I may even wear a mouth guard... but I'm still going to the Alburgh 4th of July parade, and still drinking beer at 10am, and still having fun (I hope)


ps. The Cripples fucking rocked Metronome last night...Burlingtons new rock gods?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

how sweet it is...

I know erectile dysfunction is no laughing matter, but I think it is hilarious that the right-wing psycho prick asshole freak loser Rush Limbaugh got detained at the airport for having a bottle of viagra that he didn't have the prescription for. I just hope it turns out to have been procured by illegal means- that fuck

on a softer..errr I mean lighter note, Ghana goes up against the near impossible to beat Brazilians today. Good luck, men!


Thursday, June 22, 2006


go Ghana! I'm sorry I lost faith little buddies, but I'm back! Send them yankees a-packin' oh wait....sorry...god bless America!


Monday, June 19, 2006

marg king

Pretty fun weekend; Friday was my little brother Cody’s (aka Code-Bob, aka Margarita King) 21st birthday, and needless to say, we tore the OP a new one. I was surprised and glad at how many people went out with us, Tanner, Kyle, Jared, Boz, D-Mo, Eboni, Tatiana and I’m sure I’m missing some. At one point Darren was checking ID’s at the door and no one even cared. Eventually I think we all got shut off- after a tray of Jagermeister shots we left anyway.

Saturday my Mom had a little seafood bbq for Codes bday and Spikes H.S graduation. Eboni came along for the ride. What a great meal of lobster and mussels and clams and bratwurst and potato salad and Sunkist. Eboni and I took beautiful historic Route 7 back to Burlington and had a great discussion about porn and other things. Ahhh Eboni…..

Tonite Gregs thing at the box. Dig it..


Friday, June 16, 2006

I have mystical visions and cosmic vibrations

It was Allen Ginsbergs' 80th birthday a few weeks back (June 3rd) and I meant to celebrate it but forgot. So I figure I'll make up for it by posting the first few lines of my favorite Ginsy poem, 'America'

'America I've given you all and now I'm nothing.
America two dollars and twenty-seven cents January 17, 1956.
I can't stand my own mind.
America when will we end the human war?
Go fuck yourself with your atom bomb
I don't feel good don't bother me.
I won't write my poem till I'm in my right mind.
America when will you be angelic?
When will you take off your clothes?
When will you look at yourself through the grave?
When will you be worthy of your million Trotskyites?
America why are your libraries full of tears?
America when will you send your eggs to India?
I'm sick of your insane demands

Thursday, June 15, 2006

talkin' 'bout flag burnin' blues-

'Other veterans' groups say the amendment would erode the freedom of expression that they fought for, a point echoed by Sen. Patrick Leahy, a Democrat from Vermont. "In America you do not stamp out a bad idea by repressing it, you stamp out a bad idea with a better idea," he said. Leahy said veterans' groups should focus on improving health care and other government services owed them.'

It's great to live in such a perfect, peaceful world where our government has nothing more pressing to worry about then whether or not flag burning should be banned or whether homosexuals should be 'allowed' to marry or whether or not Barry Bonds takes 'roids. Ahhhhhh....bliss


Tuesday, June 13, 2006


So now that my African and South American choices for World Cup champs have gone down in flames (Costa Rica and Ghana) I'm going to smarten up and root for a European team, namely France. Viva le France! Croissants and wine and Maurice Chevalier and Jerry Lewis and shady business deals with Saddam Hussain and Sartre and 'Ma vie en rose' and Rimbaud. Sounds good to me ;)


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dafnis Prieto

I went and saw Dafnis Prieto and the Absolute Quintet last night at the FlynnSpace as part of the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival 2006. Prieto is an amazingly talented drummer in the Latin jazz/afro-Cuban/straight up jazz kinda way. The rest of the band was pretty tired however, too many circa-late-seventies-Herbie Hancock keyboard solos and circa-early-nineties-Kenny G soprano sax solos for my taste. The violinist and cellist were very good, switching between bowing and pizzicato (which I really like) I only have one question: wouldn’t you think Dafnis Prieto and the Absolute Quintet would have six members? 1+5=6. Who states their name, and then adds themselves to the quintet? I should start calling my solo outfit ‘John Benson Ledoux, Jr. and The Le Duo’ yeah


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Pee-Wee gets his dues

Finally, someone is re-airing 'Pee-Wee's Playhouse', perhaps the best kids show from the 80's. Regardless of how much Paul Reubens masturbates, I loved this show and will show it to my kids when and if I have/adopt/abduct them.
22 Emmy(tm) awards? Phil Hartman? Who could ask for anything more?


Sunday, June 04, 2006


I have a niece now, Natalie Meagan Ledoux- born 6.1.06
such a little cutie
I'll put a pic up as soon as I have one

I went and saw Ahmad Jamal and Idris Mohammed Friday night, and I think JT put it best "The man is 76, doesn't look a day over 50, and put on a show that made me feel like I was witnessing a moment from the heyday of modern jazz... wow!" Saturday night I saw Ryan Power at Radio Bean followed by 'Buffalo Springsteen'- they are so good- country rockin'
Today I helped a friend move and then sweaty-rain-wet-exhausted passed out on the couch-woke up- ate some fu da- watched Simpsons- and now off to bed.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

and guest

I've come to realize that I am a very fortunate fella. I have great friends and family, moderately good health (I'm not dead) and even though I complain that I am broke a lot, I do O.K financially. Lately the thing I've been most grateful for is Marnie and her awesome 'employee and guest' pass from the Flynn. Free shows! Now I know that most my friends are musicians, and some of them might be saying 'hey, shouldn't you be paying the acts that are performing for you?' I will answer this with a parable, much like Jesus...just kidding. I say HELL NO! Most of the bands I've seen so far I wouldn't normally buy a ticket to, either because they were too expensive or I don't know the band well enough to take the chance on them. But now that I've seen them I probably would pay to see them again and/or buy their cd's.

shows I've seen for free with Marnie:
Son de Madera
Joao Bosco
Gonzalo Rubalcaba

and coming this very Friday: Ahmad Jamal & Idris Mohammed


Wednesday, May 31, 2006


'go hang a salami i'm a lasagna hog'

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Yesterday at a bbq in Franklin VT I had bratwursts cooked in beer and then quickly grilled and they were delicious.

Friday, May 26, 2006

memorial day weekend

So, after being brainwashed by Casey @ Solid State for six weeks, I decided I would get a ticket for the Pants show Saturday night; or more accurately I would allow Marnie to buy me a ticket (thanks Marnie!) Although I was quite young when the Pants ruled the school, I think I may have seen them once at Toast with my buddy Jared and we used to listen to their cover of ‘Golgi Apparatus’ over and over.

So Saturday I told Kyle I’d bring him up to his sister Angela’s graduation party, and then maybe I’ll put in a little family time (my niece should be here any day now!) and then speed back to Burlington for the big show. After that maybe raucous late night after hours rave down drink fest memorial day in style.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006


My hometown has a Wikipedia entry, although I guess no one told them about adding the 'h' back to the end of 'burg' It is basically just a run down of the 2000 census results, but still cool. 0.15% Asian! yeah!


Monday, May 22, 2006

fleet-fingered passion

Wednesday night Kyle and the Night Birds along with Fire the Cannons and the 78's are playing at Nectars

I wont be able to go, but a little blog publicity never hurt, right? Did anyone else hear Marge Simpson mention the blogosphere last night? yeah


Saturday, May 20, 2006

rainy saturday dreams

woke up at 4.35am this morning to work the last four hours of my mandatory overtime. It actually flew by and wasn't that bad, and I got home by 11 and went right back to bed. which leads me to a dream I had:

my mom and my brother jacob were UN aid workers delivering food to impoverished areas of russia. they stumbled upon a compound made up of russian/american/vietnamese militants who were deserters from the vietnam war. needless to say they weren't very welcomed and they were killed, I think hung. I was back here in the good 'ol USA and heard about my mom & brothers death through CNN headline news. weird, huh? me and my other brothers and dad were scrambling around trying to decide who was going to call jakes pregnant girlfriend and tell her the news. hopefully this wasn't some kind of weird message from the future. if it is it must be quite veiled, because my mom isn't very likely to ever leave the US, and I don't think jake could find russia on a map, plus he isn't very fond of charity,

ok. have a good saturday. me? I'm going to see the cush at parima. thanks for asking sweetie.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Last night, Kibosh Records was born for real. I just started talking about starting a record label last week, and I never thought anyone would be interested. So I was pleasantly surprised when Gahlord and Mike L and Tanner and Todd and Mike Y and Ben and Boz showed up and were so enthusiastic. We even have a couple of acts that may be interested. Nest Materials last show at half speed anyone?

So the next step is registering the trade name with the State, and the URL with the internet ferry (or whoever is in charge) and checking out a few websites that help distribute music online. Also, I have to figure out where I fit in- I’m really ignorant of business, computers/internet, recording-editing-mixing etc… but I’m more than willing to learn.

Home Items debut tomorrow night…I am excited to finally experience them live.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Fela Kuti lately. Funky Afro-Beat. Dig it.

See ya! JB

Monday, May 15, 2006

cant trust that day

Couple bands Tanner turned me on to this weekend that are sounding really good to me here at work Monday almost lunchtime (now after lunchtime when I fixed the VCO link)

vibracathederal orchestra
Konono No.1

see ya!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Can I still get in if I'm sexy?

Great time at the Monkey last night, everyone! I thought it was the best show we've put-on in awhile-playing with Mike and Sara-Paule is always so much fun/so inspiring for me. My favorite part of the night is when we did this little free-freakout thingy-Brian wailing on the shrill trumpet blasts- and as soon as that ended with a crash Mike started this groovy/funky bass line and I was on it in a second-that started another strong piece.

Rainy day Saturday didn't accomplish much- trying to sleep off this cold- tonight off to see Greg Davis and Friends with the Books at Higher Ground. Tomorrow mothers day/laundry/Sopranos. Monday work trying not to get fired for failing to show up for mandatory overtime today.

So I got quite a lot of feedback about the whole record label idea, and I think I'm going to try to go for it, as a hobby. Sure I'll probably never release anything, but I'm excited about it right now and I've got to have something to be excited about! I'm going to call it 'Kibosh Records' and if anyone is interested in helping, or shooting the shit, or just drinking, I'll be at the OP Tuesday 8ish for the first 'staff meeting'

everyone make sure to call your mom tomorrow!

peace, jB

Friday, May 12, 2006

Jean-Paul Sartre says...

'Friendship doesn't exist to criticize, its function is to inspire confidence'

have a great weekend everybody!

love, JB

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Record Labels

I have a few questions about small, local record labels

1. What do they do?
2. Would it be hard to start a record label?
3. Is there any chance that anyone will care; is there a chance to make a difference or affect the local music scene at all?
4. Are there any legal thingys I would have to know about?
5. Does anyone want to start a record label with me?

I am just looking to stay involved in music / have fun (maybe a website) now that NM is on extended hiatus/lost weekend/broken up mountain/summer holiday.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sonic Youth + The Gilmore Girls = Quality Television

Monday, May 08, 2006

Marnie and Frank hosted a bbq Sunday to honor three May birthdays, Kyles 26th Thans 40th and Marnies 31st. Sample menu- all food prepared by Frank and Marnie and Bunser

Some kind of coconut milk soup
Red hen bakery bread
Three cheeses (one from France, two from VT)
Guacamole and salsa
Mussels cooked in beer and butter and scallions
A keg of Shed Mountain Ale
A whole organic salmon
Asparagus and fiddle heads
Birthday cake

What a perfect day for a bbq! I ate and drank my fill, went home and passed out at 6pm only to wake up at midnight confused-

Beauty, JB

Friday, May 05, 2006

stupid Bush propaganda war

Referring to this article here.

sure, al-Zarqawi may have trouble firing a machine gun (US made btw) but the guys with the ideas and the money and the support such as himself are MORE DANGEROUS AND MORE POWERFUL than the guys with the machine guns and bombs strapped to their chests. I'd like to see fucking G.W fire a machine gun. Or Dick Cheney. burn.

on a lighter note, Marnie, Mike, Yanni and I were at the OP last night drinking venting bitching laughing watching baseball when some reps for Shipyard Brewing Co. came in and gave us pitcher after pitcher of Old Thumper English Style Ale. yeah. free beer, dig it.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

couple of things

1. I finally got my Kia fixed/inspected! That means for the first time in at least 18 months I am totally legal. And it cost like $250 less than quoted. They ended up just fixing some shit instead of replacing it. My kinda people. B&A Auto in sunny Georgia Vermont.

2. I'm listening to some Zappa, check out these sweet lyrics

womens liberation came creeping all across the nation
I tell you, people, I was not ready
when I fucked this dyke by the name of Freddi
She made a little speech then, oh she tried to make me say when
She had my balls in a vice but she left the dick,
I guess it's still hooked on but now it shoots too quick
(Bobby Brown Goes Down)

3. Even though I didnt go to work today I found out from my spies that everyone at work is mandated to work over-time the NEXT THREE SATURDAYS IN A ROW AT 6AM IN FUCKING ST. ALBANS!!! God Damn it I fucking hate the concept of 'mandatory over-time' fuck it all fuck fuck man! plus its in St. Albans so I'll have to wake up even earlier to get there. balls

4. I found a cd today that has on it the track that Mike Yun and I recorded when we first moved our shit into the Green Door Studios. It is pretty good and I was worried I had lost it forever.

5. Everyone have fun on Cinco De Mayo while I'm in bed at 9.30

later, JB

Monday, May 01, 2006

hey sports fans!

Now, I’m not the worlds biggest sports fan, although I do watch the occasional Red Sox game or Super Bowl; and sometimes to get back to my roots I’ll watch a little hockey or curling. Plus once or twice a summer I like to go see the VT LakeMonsters (formerly the Expos)
Latley I’ve been hearing and reading about the up-coming Soccer World Cup and I’ve got to say I’m kind of excited. I remember back in 1998 I watched quite a few matches with friends, and although they’re long (and sometimes boring) the passion and fanaticism of the European and South American teams and fans is very exciting.

So even though I know nothing about soccer, and I’ll probably forget all about the World Cup in a day or two and never watch a match, I’m going to root for Ghana and Costa Rica. Go Teams!!


Friday, April 28, 2006


I love the colorful clothes she wears
And the way the sunlight plays upon her hair
I hear the sound of a gentle word
On the wind that lifts her perfume through the air

I'm pickin' up good vibrations

Close my eyes
She's somehow closer now
Softly smile, I know she must be kind
When I look in her eyes
She goes with me to a blossom world

(one of my all-time favorites- also some of the greatest lyrics ever!)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Big Papa's

I heard a little rumour last night- it seems that 135 Pearls, the areas only gay-ish bar, which has been around as long as I can remember, and which has been hosting some really great bands lately has been sold and is being turned into a Papa Johns Pizza place! So now the count is, Gay Bars in Burlington: 0, Mediocre Pizza Places in Burlington: at least 10.

Oh well... as long as they dont close down the O.P I'll be ok.

peace, JB

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

hit me

Maybe the situation with Nest Material wasn’t as dire as I let on. Just an identity crisis and a hiatus- not the fuck you break-up I figured. Practice was fun last night- just Ben and Todd and I- and Mike will be here for the ‘last show’ Friday, May 12th so that will be cool.

In other music news, my new band with Kyle and Jared, tentatively called ‘the Delta State’ already has a gig lined up 5/13/06 even though we haven’t practiced and have no songs and Jared is still in Alaska until 5/6/06. But I’ve made bongs with less, right?

Tonight I’m going to load my I-Pod up at Bens and then try to make it over to the ‘Home Items’ dance party/ Emily B-Day bash at Pearls.

Peace, JB

Friday, April 21, 2006

Album of the Week

Actions by Krzysztof Penderecki & Don Cherry

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Apache AH-64

when I was a kid I was obsessed with helicopters. My friends and I would draw pictures of them and then argue about who's was faster.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Books in my cubicle at work:

Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book
The New Testament of the Jerusalem Bible
The Complete Plays of Aristophanes
The Incredible Sai Baba
Ginsberg: A Biography
Miles: The Autobiography
Louis: The Louis Armstrong Story 1900-1971
The Dharma Bums
Hit Me, Fred: Recollections of a Sideman

Saturday, April 15, 2006

I bought new non- Birkenstock sandals yesterday!

I've spent way too much time at the OP lately. Last night I went there early and had a few, but then came home for a nice evening of relaxation. But then Kyles bro Jer (pronounced Jare) called me up so I just HAD to go back. He lives in Upstate N.Y you see, doesn't get to Burlington much. While there I think I drunkedly talked to Todd and Ryan and Michelle and Emily but I cant be sure. Hopefully nothing too embarassingly drunk was said. But fuck it if it was, right?

but oh well oh well I wasted my now-once-a-week-drunk on Friday beautiful spring day instead of saving it for tonight at the Uterus. It should be a big fun night with bands and a DJ Capsule so everyone come!

Today I have to deal with Yanni and keep him here so tomorrow he will bring me back to Swanton. Did you know Swanton has a pair of swans that are the offspring of the ones given to the town by Queen Lizzy Deuce in the 1950's? Well, it does. Happy Middle Saturday Between Good Friday and Easter Sundae and have a good Easter and maybe I will see you tonight and continue this ramble.

Love, JB

Friday, April 14, 2006

Transcription of Conversation Last Night @ OP

JB: So, whats new with music?

Michelle: hmmmmmm

Ben: uhhhh

JB: So how about indie rock; whats up wit day, huh?

Michelle: I don’t really listen to it much.

Ben: The only good indie rock is ‘Built to Spill’

JB: I cant really get into it, not that I’ve tried, but it seems so popular right now!

Gahlord: Anyone under 19 cant make a decision for themselves. Indie rocks popularity is the direct result of ridalin and (unintelligible) latchkey kids……I have an open tab!!

Ben: ‘Built to Spill!’ ‘Built to Spill!’ 'Built to Spill!' (passionately tears off navy blue and red striped sweater)


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Jazz Fest

Sun Ra Arkestra at Higher Ground
Ahmad Jamal at the Flynn
Maceo Parker at Water Front Park

It's going to be a busy June!

those are some cats I just gotta hang with...shit


Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I saw a great film last night called ‘the Times of Harvey Milk’ about the activist and first openly gay California politician. Milk, who was a San Francisco Supervisor, was gunned down along with the mayor of S.F by a fellow Supervisor, Dan White. White only got five years in prison, basically getting away with murder- in part because of the ‘twinkie defense’ – but I figure it was mostly due to Caucasian-boy-next-door-former-firefighter-White vs. openly-flaming-queen-activist-Milk.

It is an amazingly funny, heart retching film and I recommend it to everyone.

Have a sunny week!

Love, JB

Monday, April 10, 2006

10 Days That unexpectedly Changed nest Material

down down down down I've been feeling kinda run down lately- been all nervous about all kinds of things some I've discovered others hidden- summer approaching always gets me down on myself- scantly clad people every where just make me feel fatter and uglier and less appealing then ever- and the my finances have been all f'd up and my cars need of repairs and band stress- all weighing down on me as of late. needless to say last night and all-day-today I felt a nagging dread about the band..would we be able to keep going and playing and sounding presentable now that Tan has left. I was so worked up last night I don't think I got to bed at all and ended up not going to work today- but after practice I gotta say I feel a whole lot better. We just played with no stress and no expectations and no worries. hopefully that freedom continues at the uterus sat. evening. ramble ramble ramble.


Thursday, April 06, 2006

flambadiddle roll

Listening to a lot of free jazz this week, especially stuff fet. Elvin Jones, Rashied Ali, and Ed Blackwell, as well as a lot of CAN and reading Mickey Harts book has made me realize that I need to get back into my drums for real- studying and practicing and learning and bliss-ing out trance like for hours. So this weekend I think I’ll dust off the ol practice pad, get some new heavy practice sticks and a rudiments book, and go at it. Paradiddle, single stroke roll, and flam myself into happiness. Also, the tabla is amazing- I bet I could even find a tabla class in hippy Burlington. Anyone interested?

Speaking of CAN, I finally listened to ‘Monster Movie’ Wow is that a lot different than the other three CAN albums I have! More psychedelic 60’s U.S sounding. Jaki is kinda toned down, doesn’t yet have that funky groove like on ‘tago mago’ and ‘ege bamyasi’ Track 3 ‘outside my door’ sounds a lot like real early Grateful Dead.



Wednesday, April 05, 2006

the Delta State

‘During activity the brain predominantly pulses in alpha and beta, or between twelve to thirty cycles per second. Theta is the zone of electrical activity the brain decelerates into right before sleep, or the delta state, when we pulse at between two to four cycles per second…Theta is that period of drifting right before sleep when all sorts of thoughts and memories wash through consciousness…’

This is from a book I am reading called 'Drumming on the Edge of Magic' by Mickey Hart. He is exploring the possibility that an altered trance-like state can be achieved by percussive sound, especially drumming.

'Drumming on the Edge' is a very interesting book; part biography, part history of the drum, part quasi-scientific study.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Someone stole Jerry Garcia's toilet!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Well, I've been doing practically nothing lately except importing cd's into my sweet new Ipod. I know I know I should be outside, the weather is great etc... but I want to get MY cd's done so I can borrow YOUR cd's.

Tanner leaving the band is official now, and although thats a bummer and I'm sad to see him go, I'm nervously-excitedly waiting to see what direction Nest Material takes now. Tan's keyboard filled up a lot of space- that is going to be lacking now- but I see us going a little more punky/rocky maybe- give Marnie and Brian more room.

By the way, wasn't Brian's birthday Flatbread thingy supposed to be last night at 8? I showed up at 8.30 and looked around and didn't see anyone I knew. Anyway, I digress.

There is some really cool/exciting NM news that I'm itching to tell everybody- but I'll wait till its a little more official.

3 cd's imported whilst typing this post- that reminds me...the first cd I ever bought was Mtv Unplugged Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Unledded '94 or so- all tapes before that, baby

So, everyone enjoy the sun for me. Someday I'll drag myself away from this computer/ipod and live like a normal.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

I (now) Pod

I finally got an Ipod! 30 gig video. It is even cooler than I could have expected. I've been importing cd's for hours and hours and I'm barely at 3 gigs. I'll probably be hitting up everyone I know for music so don't be too annoyed. My James Brown and Grateful Dead collections look pretty impressive in the cd wallet, but hardly make a dent in the ipod. Wow. So I hope everyone had a good weekend and I'll see ya all soon.


Friday, March 24, 2006

So last week my 'check engine' light came on in my car. No big surprise, it goes on and off as it pleases.

Yesterday, I brought my car to get inspected (it's way overdue) and it failed automatically because the 'check engine' light was on. No big surprise, I've come to believe that all mechanics and any state inspection laws are crooked.

This morning some eagle-eyed Essex police officer spotted my past-due inspection sticker and pulled me over. I've been driving illegally for eight months, and the day after I try to get inspected I get pulled over. How do you like that? He just gave me a warning and even told me about a garage that would let some things slide whilst inspecting. I think this is the only cop I've ever had face-to-face contact with who wasn't a cocky prick fuck-face.

On a brighter note, its the weekend and the weather is great and I'm exhausted and I'm gonna sleep like a baby. So I'll see ya when I see ya


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Manitoba, eh?

J. B. Ledoux

Born: approx. 1915
Died: approx. 1982

Recording Situation: These two selections and the next four are made from tapes made by Albert Sutherland on a home machine at parties in Camperville around 1967 - 68.

1. Romeo’s First Change (with call) - The pickup (usually three notes at the beginning) was cut off in the original recording. Romeo’s First Change is the name given by Andy De Jarlis to this tune, but it seems to have been well-known before he recorded it. Today, most versions are regular in phrasing, much closer to De Jarlis’s recording, whereas, this one has several shortened phrases. The opening phrase is much the same as that of Little Burnt Potato and Bride of the Wind, both old ‘Down-East’ standards. However, the rest of the tune does not correspond to either of these two.

Gilbert Delarond, a local resident, is calling a First Change, but some of it is indecipherable from the recording. Notice that the calls occur often in the middle of musical phrases, in a ‘prompting’ rather than ‘patter’ style.

“The allemande left... (unclear)... and you go all down, all the way to the right, the four a way down the center...(unclear)... See your way there and all the way back... ...The allemande left with the old right and the old left hand, all the way down the middle... (unclear)... then meet your own and give her a... (unclear)... ...Second couple into the race, then put away... and go under ...back and right and left through. right away back to you places all. All, bring the left back.... (unclear)

2. G Two-Step - Unknown

Saturday, March 18, 2006


I played ping-pong today for the first time in at least a year. I was rusty but still kicked everyone's ass.

I find myself humming the song 'fire' by Jimi Hendrix even though I havent heard it forever. It's funny how that happens. I really like the drums on it.

I got real drunk last night and had a blast at the Radio Bean. Plaing the guitar is awesome. Someday I might even use my left hand.

My brother Spike is on his way to Burlington to hang out tonight.

I dont really have too much to say on this blog thing anymore. Maybe I'll get some inspiration again soon.