Monday, June 02, 2008

gone for good?

i've been working a lot recently on the new aether everywhere site, trying to schedule a launch party, putting up a myspace page etc etc. also working on music, going to try and debut solah this summer.

so i'm taking a break from the le duo blog. will it be forever? who knows?

so thanks to everyone who visited this site in the last 2+ years. sorry i didnt have more to say.


Monday, May 05, 2008

aether everywhere

aether everywhere is a new blog/online music label/forum dedicated to sound...including drone, ambient, psych, found sound, field recording, shoegaze, new age, experimental & free improv. featuring contributions from some of the finest local bloggers and musicians, AE strives to be a place where people who are sincerely interested in other musics can gather to read reviews, listen to music clips, learn about upcoming performances, trade gear & music, and eventually download exclusive releases. 2008 is the year of aether.

Friday, April 25, 2008

shows shows shows

finally the local music landscape is geting all springy & there are several cool shows this next week.

tomorrow at noon sara-paule of oak is performing her senior composition recital at uvm's southwick hall (redstone campus) at noon. 'noon music' is free & open to the public. one of the pieces is for a large percussion ensemble & i'm playing on it!

thursday may first the cush returns to burlington with an all ages show at higher ground. with vitals and hezekiah jones and special guests throughout the night.

friday the second, megafaun, greg davis & oak play the monkey in winooski. i saw greg & megafaun last fall as part of akron/family and it freakin' rocked. psyched for this one.

coming soon, a silver mount zion & the burlington discover jazz festival

Monday, April 14, 2008

flap shadowy sounds #19

this week marks the first episode of my show that can be streamed online at

this wednesday at 6pm expect music by the one and only cecil taylor.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

discover jazz fest

this year burlingtons discover jazz festival is bringing two free-jazz shows i'm really excited about- ornette coleman on 6/7 at the flynn main stage & trio 3 (oliver lake, reggie workman & andrew cyrille) 6/2 at the flynn space. full schedule here. ornette coleman is a legend and i'm so glad to be able to see him live- in a band with three bassists and a drummer no less!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

flap shadowy sounds #14

the story from the beginning- nest material- metaphysical graffiti
doundoumbe- percussionists of guinie- self titled
the creator has a master plan- pharoah sanders- karma
sindhi-bhairavi- ravi shankar- the sounds of india
we are not alone- frank zappa- cheap thrills
moungod radiant youth- ghost- temple stone
bloomdido- charlie parker & dizzy gillespie- bird & diz
tribal dance- charles lloyd- love-in
seadrum- boredoms- seadrum/house of sun

Monday, March 10, 2008


jay put up a webpage for our darkambientharshnoise project, solah.

check back often for updated info on our shows and releases and donload for free our 2007 debut ep 'darkcar'

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

oak featured in the vermont cynic

read it here, and come to our show saturday night.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008


hello. lots of new things going on. i'm still moving up up up at my job at city market, my 3rd 'promotion' in 6 'months' to breakfast cook started this week. its early as hell but also cool and the people i work with are all awesome. still recording the 'solah' album with jay- its coming along nicely and there will even be a surprise guest or two on side b. my radio show is going strong wednesdays at 6pm- played some awesome don cherry & terry riley this week. this wed expect sun ra as well as maybe a special guest and a phone call from a semi-famous musician. maybe. havent seen a local show forever, man i've totally flaked on music so far this year. hopefully i'll update more frequently, we may be getting burlington telecom at the ol skin bunker soon; i still need to get an answer from tanner about whether he's going to give me that old computer or not. huh, tanner?

oak, a snake in the garden & the le duo are playing a show saturday march eighth at midnight at the radio bean. poster to come soon. not sure of the line up for the le duo yet but expect me on digi-drums. thats all for know.

Friday, February 01, 2008

year end/groundhogs day/my radio show

my best of 2007 music picks wraps up false 45th's annual survey. check it...

tomorrow is groundhog day!

this wednesday at 6pm make sure to catch my show 'flap shadowy sounds' on 105.9 the radiator where, for the real mardi gras, i feature 3 albums by dr. john the night tripper: gris gris, babylon & sun moon & herbs. freaky funky swampy icy hoodoo moon fun.

i've been fine, how've you been?