Sunday, February 24, 2008


hello. lots of new things going on. i'm still moving up up up at my job at city market, my 3rd 'promotion' in 6 'months' to breakfast cook started this week. its early as hell but also cool and the people i work with are all awesome. still recording the 'solah' album with jay- its coming along nicely and there will even be a surprise guest or two on side b. my radio show is going strong wednesdays at 6pm- played some awesome don cherry & terry riley this week. this wed expect sun ra as well as maybe a special guest and a phone call from a semi-famous musician. maybe. havent seen a local show forever, man i've totally flaked on music so far this year. hopefully i'll update more frequently, we may be getting burlington telecom at the ol skin bunker soon; i still need to get an answer from tanner about whether he's going to give me that old computer or not. huh, tanner?

oak, a snake in the garden & the le duo are playing a show saturday march eighth at midnight at the radio bean. poster to come soon. not sure of the line up for the le duo yet but expect me on digi-drums. thats all for know.

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