Sunday, June 17, 2007

black artists group

"People keep looking rearward for the tradition. The tradition in this music is forward, forward! Not what you did last week, but this week."

the black artists group was a multidisciplinary arts collective that existed in St. Louis, Missouri from 1968 to 1972- featuring the wonderful saxophonist/multi-instrumentalist oliver lake, whom i saw a couple of years ago at the flynn space with mary redhouse and pheeroan akLaff. church number nine- a great free-jazz/experimental music blog- posted an album by b.a.g for your downloading & listening pleasure! go to the blog and scroll down a bit. i'd post the link here myself- but i'm not sure if thats a breech of blogger etiquette. this album was even listed on thurston moores top ten free jazz album list. now thats street cred yo.

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