Saturday, June 16, 2007

i love iceland & electric guitars

kira kira was beautiful. started out the set playing mbira mic'd & attached to a box that rumbled when shaken. she would bow deeply after each song. toy xylophone & jump rope & some homemade looking instrument with knobs that she sang & breathed into & kissed. then switched to electric guitar & sang a lovely song in icelandic about two music geeks who fall in love talking about pedals & guitars & strings.

charalambides was electric guitar & vocals. very melancholy. the guitarist did some interesting things with feedback & pedals etc., but the vocals were too much for me.

some bad news- i may have sustained a little hearing damage from the dinosaur jr. show last week- my left ear hurt like hell as soon as the guitar got loud- never had any problem before.

red square only bled into the firehouse a little-
thanks for all the shows, greg!


jay said...

Wish I could have made it to the show but I didn't get back into town until 9:30; sounds like I would have enjoyed it.

Sorry to hear about your ear. My guess is that if it's pain, it's probably more likely an infection or impaction. Probably a good idea to get it checked out regardless.

Justin said...

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