Monday, October 01, 2007

Friday October 5th
@ The Monkey House, Winooski
Horse Feathers (Portland, OR)
Johanna Kunin (Seattle, Wash)
Farm (Enosburg, VT)
Doors 8pm Show 9pm
$6 21+ $9 Under age

Johanna Kunin

Seattle-based Johanna Kunin grew up and draws her inspiration from the 10,000-lake-land of Minnesota. She describes herself as: "Midnight tangos with ghosts, journeys into the minds of suicidal insects, childhood memories set off-kilter by bad dreams" Her self-released debut full-length, "Clouds Electric" came out last August, and since then she has been touring in support, earning high marks from radio stations such as KCRW and being described as an "extraordinarily gifted singer" (Seattle Times). Says Damien Jurado: "Johanna Kunin is a strong force and her confidence really comes through...Her arrangements and melodies are perfect. I would give anything for a sliver of her talents."

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Justin Ringle moved to Portland, Oregon in 2004, and began to play open mics regularly under the moniker Horse Feathers. In 2005 Peter Broderick heard two songs that Justin had recorded in a friend's basement, and proceeded to track Justin down via the internet. Shortly after that, the two started playing music together. For the most part, Justin writes the songs initially, and then Peter helps to arrange them with varying instrumentation. The resulting sound is music. or


Farm is the Enosburgh based folk-indie-experimental trio. The members of Farm constantly switch instruments so there is no permanent player of anything. If you don't like the way something sounds don't worry it will all change by the next song. They play a wide variety of instruments including, synthesizer, organ, wurlitzer electric piano, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, trumpet, harmonica, horsehead fiddle, and a somewhat strange looking drum kit. Their new album "gray birds" has just been released.

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