Friday, November 25, 2005

SeaMonster Thankgiving

Well, I ended up @ Gaylord & Meagans for thanksgiving seamonster style after my mother canceled hers because of bad weather. I was kinda glad- I didn't feel like driving all the way and putting up with all that stress anyway. i felt like a dick showing up without anything, but for the second time sarah had me covered. Thanks Sarah! the spread of food was awesome and they had veggie alternatives for everything except turkey. we somehow fit 15 people around the table although once you sat down, you weren't gittin up. and then greg and mandy showed up for desert with mandys entire family in tow. all in all a great day-my first thanksgiving without family-but my family is spread so thin these days that it doesn't feel like anything anymore. i dont know if its the age i am but holidays dont do it for me. i used to get excited to see everyone and eat & drink, but now i'm all like who the fuck cares. maybe i need a woman or a kid or a man or something. any ideas? well, fuck all i'm out



Tmoore said...

I thought i was your man. pshh. whatever.

i know how you feel about that family holiday thing, but i can definatly say that i enjoyed t-giving with the Perry's much more than with the remnants of the Lampmans, sounds like you had fun at sea monster, i guess our friends are more our family now than, our actual family... i'm pretty ok with that.

greg davis said...

i think you need a kid.

the le duo said...

Can you imagine me with a child? It would be like the emperor and darth vader...or the captain and tenile...or fat albert and the cosby kids... i dont know if there is a country third worldy enough to let me adopt.