Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Nest Material-Sara=?

So Sara is gone, and now there are four of the original Nesters left. I wish her all the luck and I'm sure she'll do great and have fun and be awesome. And i'm gonna go down someday and see her and my other NY friends and do all the things i've been meaning to for years.

I ran into SP and Toby at radio bean this morning, she said that the memorial for her father will be 12/10/05 in richmond at 2pm in some church or other-- i'll be going if anyone wants to ride w/ me.

they also invited me to play with them on the 23rd @ the bean.. they're doing a night of christmas carols- toby said 'we're gonna have to do them like wicked indie man' whatever that means. but i live to play so i'm in. well, have to enjoy my day off so i'll see ya


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Tmoore said...

You judas :)