Wednesday, July 12, 2006

& Friends

Off to see Phil & Friends (fet. Joan Osborne) Mike & Trey, and The Duo tonight at the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds. I’m really excited to see Phil, I saw him a few years back at Memorial Auditorium and it was so much more vibrant and fresh and good then I ever saw the Dead play, with or without Jerry. And say what you will about ‘What if God Was One of Us?’ Joan Osborne has a great voice and I bet she can belt some Jerry. The Duo I’m kinda ehhh about. They are similar to Medeski, Martin and Wood but not as good- I saw them at Nectars and was disappointed. Not really sure how I feel about seeing Trey and Mike. So many of my teenage years were spent listening to Phish and seeing shows, and by the end I was a little sick of them (and the fans) and swore never to see Trey solo…but anyway, regardless of how creepy or lame or weird they are, I still think Trey and Mike are pretty good musicians. Although I do blame Mike for most of Radio Beans recent problems, and Ben tells me Mike and his friends have a hell of a time deciding between a soy or yogurt base for their Muddy Waters mango smoothies.

Frank and Marnie are coming and its sure to be a blast…

Peace, man- like dig it

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