Wednesday, July 19, 2006

rock & roll extravaganza!

If anyone is interested, I'm playing in a pick-up band Friday July 21st 8pm-ish at the Overtime Saloon in sunny St. Albans, VT. All cover songs, Beatles, Elton John, Chicago, Fleetwood Mac, even a little Skynyrd. Should be a fun time for all....



Eva the Deadbeat said...

good on you guys. The Chevaliers rocked the house! and even though it was a sauna in that place, you kept the good tunes coming! when do you play Burlington?? And why can't my family be a rock band??

the le duo said...

well, Burlington will have to wait...although there was talk of a second show in St. Albans. I'll have to raise my rates, this time I'm gonna need at least gas money!

Your family has all the makings of a good rock band: a couple of flautists, a couple of deadbeats...etc etc


Eva the Deadbeat said...

hells yeah! will you be our drummer? we can call our band Deadbeats R Us...although that is not half as swanky as The Chevaliers. and i don't think we can match your enthusiasm and kick ass multi-generational audience!

but we could do covers of Stephen Foster and all tHE old folks will dig it! actually my dad and i already did that. we rocked the Strawberry Point Lutheran Retirement Home in Iowa. they sung along and i know they would have boogied if they hadn't been in wheelchairs!

Burlington needs some of the action. Don't save all the love for St Albans!