Wednesday, September 06, 2006

a(r)t the hop

(This Friday September 8th at the Green Door Studio, G1, corner of Pine and Howard Streets 4.30-11.00pm)

Casey wrote a little something about the Art Hop musical goings-on in this weeks SevenDays.

I hope everyone can come & check this out- it should be lots of fun. I got a little over zealous and booked 11 acts, so thanks in advance to people who are going to save my ass by helping out alot (Todd, Gahlord, Mike, Ben, Brian, everyone at the Green Door Studio etc...) Also, thanks a ton to all the amazing, eclectic bands who agreed to play. I'm so psyched- I get to see all of my favorite VT bands and play in the same evening!

So here we go.....



greg davis said...

gahlord made an awesome poster for the show too.

should be a fun night.
hopefully the booze cops will be chill....

the le duo said...

Gahlords poster is really cool- wouldn't know how to post that one though-

I dont think the cops will act any different than last year- they hasseld us about the booze a little- I just think the SEABA people and the studio people are just a little more nervous with the underage thing and all- I was never too keen on having free-for-all kegs anyway-