Tuesday, September 05, 2006


great weekend!

started off thursday with me buying new shoes- only three months after I truly needed them- hate spending money on necessities-

friday night the "party star" and Cripples show was awesome- the place was pretty packed and, while it sucked waiting half an hour for a drink, it was great seeing so many people I hadn't seen in awhile- then off to breakfast's apt. for a little after show party, complete with a drag queen and a little too much jim beam choice (gross cheap jim beam) followed by a drunken regrettable trip to denny's.

saturday spent hanging out with jenny and eboni- up for the weekend from nyc- lovely girls

sunday night tanner and I hosted a little dinner party (jenny cooked delicious salmon tuna mushroom sauce delights) slash lets watch the deadbeat club and show off our new clean apt party. followed by half dozen episodes of 'peep show' maybe the funniest thing ever-

monday I tried to recover from the weekend, said goodbye to jenny and eb- napped- then great nest material practice- not only do I feel that we're ready to play friday night, I also feel better about the way I played- It'll be great- and Mike will be there!

keep your eye out for art hop posters and also Casey's write-up in tomorrows sevendays


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