Monday, September 11, 2006

thanks a lot

Well, the Art Hop went off without a hitch- we were never more than 18 minutes off schedule, no one got fined for noise or alcohol, and except for a couple of stolen bikes (sorry The Cush!) I didn’t hear of anything bad happening.

Much Thanks & Love to all the bands and everyone who helped set up/poster/blog- and everyone who just came to enjoy the music:

Ben, Todd, Mike, Tanner, Brian, Marnie, Gahlord
Drew, Phil, Tom, Clark, Andrea, Athena, and everyone else at the Green Door
Greg Davis
Hammer & Saw (Marina, Michelle, Emily)
Ryan Power
Home Items (Aziza, Mandy, Michelle, Emily, Meghan, Stacey, Angela)
Oak (Tobi, Sara-Paule, Tyler, Chris)
Magic Sparkle (Johnny & Jess)
“Party Star” (Kyle, Dan, Matt, Will)
The Smittens (Dana, Colin, Holly, David)
The Cripples (Aaron, Jeb, Ryan [Andy])
The Cush (Burette, Gaby, Steve, Chris)

I hope everyone had as good of a time as I did- the Art Hop is always one of my favorite times of the year. Next year expect bigger and better…


Ps. Everyone who missed the Home Items set missed the show of the year.


michelle said...

and thank YOU for organizing it all!
really great to see you JB!

home items said...

Ah, shucks.
Thanks, JB.

greg davis said...

it was a really beautiful night. i had a great time.
home items financier has video of their performance.
i have a nice audio recording of it too.
HI stole the show!