Monday, October 16, 2006


Its only recently that I’ve really been digging on Punk music- it reminds me a lot of Free Jazz, which I’ve really been into since Tanner got me a cassette of Coltranes ‘Ascension’ a couple of years ago for xmas- they both have the same kinda raw expressions of emotion and angst, pain, alienation- they both have a sense of ‘this is our music, like it or don’t, we don’t give a fuck so fuck you anyway’ I used to totally disregard punk and other forms of music that didn’t have high the levels of musicianship I was into. But now I see that the messages sometimes make up for the lack of chops. Bands I’ve been listening to a lot include the Velvet Underground, Patti Smith Group, the Ramones, Television, the Clash, and the Minutemen.

So it seems kind of sad that CBGB’s closed down- I’d always wanted to go there and see some music- although I’m sure I would have been let down- all those famed music clubs are so past there prime- like Birdland or Mintons Playhouse – but it still would have been cool.

Oh well…


Anonymous said...

just go to las vegas.

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