Tuesday, October 10, 2006

lindsay & outward bound

I got a surprise call from my old friend Lindsay Saturday night- a rarity-lets just say shes not the best at keeping in touch- although she says she reads the le duo & highgate but I need proof-post a freakin comment! Anyway, she lives in Asheville, NC, and studies at Warren Wilson College. Lindsay sounded happier and more content then I've heard her sound in years and at first, because it was 1 in the morning, I thought maybe she was drunk- but then I realized its true- she's really happy- finishing school, new love, and new career-working for Outward Bound.

Outward Bound was first conceived in 1941 in Great Britain and has since become the premier adventure-based education program in the world. During World War II, renowned educator Kurt Hahn developed programs to instill greater self-reliance and spiritual tenacity in young British seamen being torpedoed by German U-boats. The Outward Bound philosophy is based around six core values:

Adventure and Challenge
Challenge is an action that requires special effort. Adventure is an exciting and remarkable experience that involves uncertain outcomes and acceptable risks.

Inclusion and Diversity
Welcoming and respecting differences strengthens the richness of ideas and perspectives brought to bear on challenge and learning. The transformational experience of Outward Bound is more powerful when it takes place in the company of others as diverse as the society in which we live.

Social and Environmental Responsibility
Social and environmental responsibility instills in students a sense of integrity, which results in choices and actions that have a positive effect on society and the environment.

Learning Through Experience
Learning through experience is a lifelong process based on action and reflection. Experiences are intentionally designed, presented and reflected upon to instill values and promote skill mastery for people at all stages in their life-span.

Character Development
Character development means developing capacities of mind, body, and spirit to better understand one's responsibilities to self, others, and the community.

Compassion and Service
Compassion is a heartfelt, caring connection to each other and the world around us. Service is an active expression of valuing our common humanity and the natural world.

Lindsay, I am so proud & happy that you found something you love and can truly believe in. That's what we're all searching for I think.



Anonymous said...

way to be drunk dialing at 1 am lyndsay ;D

we all miss you here!

Hugo said...

I fully agree with whatever thing you have presented.