Thursday, November 02, 2006

birthday bean

I haven’t really heard much about it or even seen the poster, but this Saturday is the 6th birthday celebration at Radio Bean- you know the deal- 40+ acts between 8am Saturday morning and 2am Sunday morning. Last year Nest Material had a great 20 minute jam featuring at least 12 people including Gahlord Dewald, Greg Davis, and Johnny Sparkle. This years festivities kick off with “Party Star” at 8am- I’m gonna try to make it for this, go home get some sleep, go back and forth all afternoon for music and FREE coffee- and then finally make it to the Shredding & Wind Up Bird show at the Greendoor Studio at 8pm. Whew!



emmy lou said...

Hammer & Saw @ the bash, 11pm. Maybe we'll do something crazy!!! Like play all our songs in modal.

the le duo said...


greg davis said...

come to the green door at 8pm, then we can all truck over to the bean after that for H&S!