Sunday, November 05, 2006

Election night extravaganza!


the le duo’s third bi-annual Election Night Party!

Tuesday, November 7th 7pm
12 Clarke St. Apt #1

Come listen to music and watch the election results with the most sarcastic, ill-informed Monday-morning-quarterback political team ever!

Things you can expect:

Bob Kiss specials (for the Progressives)
wine (for the Democrats)
leftover Halloween candy
Fox News
JC Penney
John Stewart & Stephen Colbert
laughter (hopefully)
maybe some Republicans?

Hope to see you all there!

just 2 days till the election and shit is heating up...evangelical pastors sentenced to hang and Saddam getting massages from gay bodybuilding meth dealers...wait a sec, maybe it's the other way around!

the le duo


Anonymous said...

i got 5 rupees that says the Repubs won't beat the spread!

the le duo said...

yeah- i'm hoping the dems take at least one chamber of congress...but what i'm really psyched to see is if Dunne and Parker can pull off the fourth-quarter-hail-mary win. good times

i bought tons of good election night snacks

Anonymous said...

Would you work for this bank? I know u digg U2, but this guy probably made thousands to do this damn song


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