Wednesday, November 08, 2006

election wrap-up/diorama-o-rama

The Election Night Party was a rousing success! Thanks to everyone who came out and talked and laughed and drank and didn’t care that I went to bed early. Last I heard the Senate was still split 49-49 and the Dems had the House! About fucking time…Rick Santorum you fucking pecker.

Anyway, tonight I’m off to Montreal to see Bob Dylan with the Foo Fighters Acoustic (of all people) and then my 4 day birthday extravaganza begins! Thursday and Friday I’m spending at my Dads new hunting cabin in Duane, NY. But I’ll be home by Friday night if anyone wants to buy me a beer!

Ok see ya! JB

One more thing… a little diorama contest invite from Drew at the GreenDoor Studio!

After a great Halloween show, we are gearing up for the next one. The Diaramma-o-ramma is as follows: A shoe box, other than that its totally open ended. We put out a call to artists in the 7days and hopefully will get some good response. $5 entry fee and the top three will walk away with the funds due to popular vote. So encourage others to join in, submissions due 17th November, Friday, and the opening will follow that very same evening. Looking forward,

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