Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Year Resolutions:

1. Get a new job (one that I like & can think & and forces me to actually do something- one I can feel good about & dosen't require me to get up at 4.45am every god damned morning missing out on all the night’s fun- I used to be a night owl but now find myself tired all the time and not able to sleep in on the weekends)

2. Take better care of myself (less drinking, less eating, more moving around, more ‘me’ time, read more, enjoy the outdoors, maybe meditate or think deep thoughts)

3. Get myself financially set (this always being broke, living paycheck to paycheck & in debt shit sucks)

4. Make Music! (I pay rent monthly at the GreenDoor Studio but hardly use it. I fear I'm getting rusty! I want to record an album as 'the le duo (trio)' this year AND work with Kyle on something)

Ok, 2007, lets do this!

1 comment:

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Ah ha! You are on Cathy's link dump so now you HAVE to follow through on these resolutions! ;)