Monday, February 26, 2007

mardi gras

Went to the mardi gras parade on Saturday- didn’t have much fun this year- cold as all hell- so many drunk silly people- actually heard some asshole yell ‘I love college!’ while him & his friends were dressed up so “crazy” and “unique” and probably feeling awesome about drinking right out on the street! Screw those guys… so when the parade got all hung up because the victoria’s secret cross dresser float couldn’t turn the corner, we got the hell outta there and went to the op for a drink. One drink turned into three or four and a whole bunch of us (me, my dad, bender, eboni {who was up from nyc for the weekend} yanni {who recently reappeared after months of exile in Milton}) went to asiana house for delicious sushi dinner. It was fun and loud drunk talking & I was happily surprised that my dad tried sushi with us.

Drinking this weekend was dumb as I have a cold…


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jay said...

Did you see me dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow on the pirate ship, freezing my ass off & chucking beads? If not, good--it wasn't one of my finer moments :)

I still haven't been to the Asiana House, but I keep hearing that they have the best sushi in town. I've had me a hankerin' for some spicy tuna lately, so I'll have to make a visit there this week.