Monday, September 17, 2007

autumn in vermont!

i absolutely love it! i heard geese flying south this morning and it made me think of my childhood and how my whole family would get excited this time of year for various hunting seasons and how i'd always go sight in my deer hunting rifle with my dad even though i never went hunting after age 12- and the smells of fall are great, too- corn and apples and leaves and pumpkin pies baking and endless amounts of goodies my grandmother would send over to our house. i get the urge to spend more time out of doors and go on grand adventures, but i'd settle for some casual hikes. i'm re-reading the hobbit- talk about adventures! that book, more than the trilogy, makes me want to up and leave and slay my own dragon.


dennie555 said...

I am amazed at how Autumn in Vermont mirrors autumn in Eastern TN, Western NC.

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