Wednesday, September 05, 2007

letter to the editor/my bad

UPDATE: I just learned, via myspace, from fellow art hop entrepreneur anaii that she called seven days about listing the show shes putting on and they said they'd only advertise the art hop as a whole, smaller shows be damned. i know for a fact that casey rae-hunter wrote about the green doors show last year in the sound bites column, and maybe even the year before...i'm trying to find it online but may not be able to.

so just to show that i'm a good sport i re-emailed seven days and asked them to ignore the letter i sent. but here it is anyway:

got local music news? email dan bolles at ______
this is the header of each weeks 'sound bites' column.
i recently emailed dan about a show i was involved in, the annual art hop night celebration at a local studio. he responded positively, and so i waited for at least some mention in this weeks seven days. so i was a little confused today when i read the paper: the 'sound bites' column, which i believe should cover mostly local music news, was basically filled with a lazy attempt at a humorous review of the ray price/willie nelson/merle haggard show at the fair (haggard sounded haggard? give me a break) and a regurgitation of who's playing this month at higher ground (information that could be found on the very next page, where the higher ground schedule always is!) the ten local bands playing at either the green door studio or speaking volumes friday night were left unmentioned (including the first performance of 'rock n roll sherpa' in several years, a big deal to some people [me])

anyway, i dont want to sound bitter or point fingers, but if the information local musicians/promoters/whatevers email to dan dont get mentioned eventually people will stop sending them. and that would be bad for people more interested in local music than george clinton and parliment/funkadelics 147th stop at higher ground.

jb ledoux

ps. if this information was in the paper and i missed it, please ignore!


Tanner M. said...

If that's the case Dan should have at least responded to you and informed you of that information.

jay said...

Agreed. I'm trying to give Dan the benefit of the doubt, but he really seems to have zero interest in reaching out to the local music and blog scene. Which is fine, but it's making me lose interest in Seven Days.

Anonymous said...

Yeah a lot of people are frustrated with Dan. But his interests aren't like Casey's, he's a different writer. There were plenty of people who felt like Casey wasn't interested in their music either.

One thing to consider also, is the deadline for submissions. A lot of people think that they can submit info on Tuesday and read it in the paper on Wednesday.

If you really want to get something in the paper, you should try to get it in at least 10 days before the date of the paper you want your info to be published. They need time to research, write, and edit. Oh, and print the thing.

Maybe you missed the deadline?

But maybe you didn't. Either way, your letter to the editors is good. And it points out a feeling that is more than yours alone and hopefully, whether they print it or not, it will give them some good insight into the feelings of some of the local music scene.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

I agree JB, feedback is always good. Letters are always good - even ones bringing criticism.

Don't lose interest Jay, send a letter/email!

PS Awesome show Friday JB, good job! Way to work the press! ;)

Eva the Deadbeat said...

PPS And a fine point from Anon up there about the paper schedule. It is a bitch and getting stuff in there takes foresight so send in local happenings EARLY when possible.

Andrew said...

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