Monday, September 24, 2007

middle class machines

American Machine, a new play by james lantz, commissioned by the flynn center for performing arts, is "Part parable on the American dream, part cautionary tale taken from the headlines, American Machine tells the story of a great factory that once made parts for classic American cars. As a makeshift family of six friends come together each night to work, they're soon faced with rumors that their employer will be downsizing—or even closing altogether. As they begin working on a new order—making buckets and mops for Wal-Mart—the prospect of being split up looms before them, and their dedication to the once-proud factory is put to the test."

according to the lovely & talented jennifer jarecki (who is the assistant director) "(the play) focuses on the diminishing middle class and the severe economic divide in this country. Hey, there's a porn scene too!"

running from tuesday september 25th- sunday october 7th, there is plenty of time for everyone to see this play. i have never seen a local theatre production before, except the puppet opera (which is coming up this fall!), and i am very excited. arts in vermont! dig it...

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