Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hate to Sound Like a Hippy...

but I just heard a fucking sweet after midnight> eleanor rigby (instrumental) >after midnight by The Jerry Garcia Band 2/28/1980..

fuck yeah


Tmoore said...

tuscalusa '76 man, i was there!

greg davis said...

i think we should start changing that phrase to 'i love to sound like a hippy but.....'

aint no shame in the game.
gotta love the jerrybear.

the le duo said...

yeah, but hippy has this huge stigma, especially with the 'i'm the coolest indie kid ever' set and my self esteem isn't big enough to fight it

greg davis said...

yeah the hippy stigma has to go away.
its time for hippies to come back.
i think there could be a new brand of hippy.
i like to call it techno-hippies.

hippies are so much better IMO than hipsters / indie rockers / etc.

i prefer peace love and positivity over anything else these days. we need more of the good vibes around now more than ever.

the le duo said...

word, brother