Monday, August 07, 2006

"Party Star"

Saturday Aaron H, Mike L and I took a little drive to attend a concert in the ‘Burgh (this time it was Hinesburg) My good friends “Party Star” were playing their first show along with Workingmans Army, Sounds of Urchin, and Named By Strangers. ¾ of “Party Star” used to be in a band called The Lestons, one of the best live local bands I’ve ever seen. Their shows were so much fun- the songs were rocking and funny and the rhythm section tight as hell. The other 25% of “Party Star” is my friend and former roommate Kyle (aka K-Chev aka John Paul Jonsey) I hadn’t heard Kyle play much electric guitar since we were in a band together- and that was mostly drunken shitty-ass cover songs. More recently he’s been playing bass in a band called the Night Birds. Although his guitar was a little low in the mix, his lead lines blew me away- man is he good. So much talent in such a greasy-haired frame. “Party Star” has the same energy as the old Lestons, but with a little harder edge. Plus Kyles lead lines are way different then the old guitarist, Gabe. Needless to say they played great, especially for a debut show, and I recommend them to everybody who loves rock & roll. Oh, did I mention they were playing at the Art Hop at Green Door Studio Friday, September 8th at about 8 o’clock? Also Monkey House w/ The Cripples 9/1/06.


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Tmoore said...

wished i could have seen it - i'll be at the next show though