Monday, August 28, 2006

dabor lay weekend

So, less than two weeks until the big art hop show…things getting busy and hectic…anyone have a p.a for me to borrow…gahlord maybe? Gotta get ahold of all the bands- make sure we can do this with a minimum of amp swapping etc…but with the two semi-stages it should be cool- also have to work in some nest material practices- haven’t played really since may- sounded kinda creaky and rusty- I myself sounded like shit…need to get in their for a few hours and try to re-discover my drums…

I’m already excited for this long holiday weekend…Kyles band “party star” and the cripples are playing Friday night at the monkey in Winooski…my friend adam’s band turkey bullion mafia sat. and sun. nite at nectars- and does greg have someone coming to the greendoor on Sunday? Thought I read something about it at solidstate…plus maybe family bbq in the f.c… hang out with gage and natalie- fresh new nephew and niece-


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