Thursday, June 01, 2006

and guest

I've come to realize that I am a very fortunate fella. I have great friends and family, moderately good health (I'm not dead) and even though I complain that I am broke a lot, I do O.K financially. Lately the thing I've been most grateful for is Marnie and her awesome 'employee and guest' pass from the Flynn. Free shows! Now I know that most my friends are musicians, and some of them might be saying 'hey, shouldn't you be paying the acts that are performing for you?' I will answer this with a parable, much like Jesus...just kidding. I say HELL NO! Most of the bands I've seen so far I wouldn't normally buy a ticket to, either because they were too expensive or I don't know the band well enough to take the chance on them. But now that I've seen them I probably would pay to see them again and/or buy their cd's.

shows I've seen for free with Marnie:
Son de Madera
Joao Bosco
Gonzalo Rubalcaba

and coming this very Friday: Ahmad Jamal & Idris Mohammed



Anonymous said...

The Boston Red Sox will have to make do without Wily Mo Pena for the next two months.
A battery of tests and exams on Tuesday revealed an injury to the hamate bone in Pena's left wrist. He'll undergo surgery on Thursday morning to remove the bone.

I'm so sorry, JB...

the le duo said...

you've been anti Wily Mo from the start! asshole

Anonymous said...

i've never been anti WMP --- but he's not an all-star...... yet!

Anonymous said...

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