Monday, June 19, 2006

marg king

Pretty fun weekend; Friday was my little brother Cody’s (aka Code-Bob, aka Margarita King) 21st birthday, and needless to say, we tore the OP a new one. I was surprised and glad at how many people went out with us, Tanner, Kyle, Jared, Boz, D-Mo, Eboni, Tatiana and I’m sure I’m missing some. At one point Darren was checking ID’s at the door and no one even cared. Eventually I think we all got shut off- after a tray of Jagermeister shots we left anyway.

Saturday my Mom had a little seafood bbq for Codes bday and Spikes H.S graduation. Eboni came along for the ride. What a great meal of lobster and mussels and clams and bratwurst and potato salad and Sunkist. Eboni and I took beautiful historic Route 7 back to Burlington and had a great discussion about porn and other things. Ahhh Eboni…..

Tonite Gregs thing at the box. Dig it..


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