Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dafnis Prieto

I went and saw Dafnis Prieto and the Absolute Quintet last night at the FlynnSpace as part of the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival 2006. Prieto is an amazingly talented drummer in the Latin jazz/afro-Cuban/straight up jazz kinda way. The rest of the band was pretty tired however, too many circa-late-seventies-Herbie Hancock keyboard solos and circa-early-nineties-Kenny G soprano sax solos for my taste. The violinist and cellist were very good, switching between bowing and pizzicato (which I really like) I only have one question: wouldn’t you think Dafnis Prieto and the Absolute Quintet would have six members? 1+5=6. Who states their name, and then adds themselves to the quintet? I should start calling my solo outfit ‘John Benson Ledoux, Jr. and The Le Duo’ yeah


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