Tuesday, June 27, 2006

how sweet it is...

I know erectile dysfunction is no laughing matter, but I think it is hilarious that the right-wing psycho prick asshole freak loser Rush Limbaugh got detained at the airport for having a bottle of viagra that he didn't have the prescription for. I just hope it turns out to have been procured by illegal means- that fuck

on a softer..errr I mean lighter note, Ghana goes up against the near impossible to beat Brazilians today. Good luck, men!



the le duo said...

So Ghana lost to Brazil- no big surprise, Brazil is a freakin POWERHOUSE! But my 2nd choice, France, pulled off a win against Spain (who was favored to win the whole shebang) So now Saturday France plays Brazil in a re-match of World Cup Final 1998 (Brazil won)


the le duo said...

scratch that, France won...duh