Thursday, January 04, 2007

'Bolivia' by Gato Barbieri

I picked this record up the other day at Recycle North- el Gato has been a favorite of mine ever since I heard the album ‘Complete Communion’ by Don Cherry. I feel he has a warmer sound compared to some of the other, more abrasive free-jazz sax men (like Pharaoh Sanders for example) This record breaks away from the free-for-all sound of the 60’s ‘new thing’ by mixing in traditional Latin & afro-Cuban rhythms.

Some stellar musicians play on this record including Lonnie Liston Smith, John Abercrombie, Airto Moreira, M’Tume, Pretty Purdie, Moulay Ali Hafid, and Stanley Clarke. The rhythm section on the first track ‘Merceditas’ is outstanding. I recommend this record to any fan of free or avant-garde or Latin jazz- or really any music fan in general…


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ben said...

and it sounds super freaky at 45