Saturday, January 13, 2007

say goodbye

the p/o show was fun- marnie ditched me so I ended up out 10 bucks for the other ticket- them the breaks I guess- try to do something nice for people- but anyway the drummer for p/o is a member or graduate of the paul green school of rock, a fresh faced kid- couldn't have been older than 18- but he was fucking incredible- I haven't seen rock drumming like that for a long time- phenomenal

inspired, I went and worked out on my drums today for an hour or so- it's been so long since I've played with anyone I feel I'm losing all my chops- you know how you get into these funks when everything you play sounds like shit? thats me right now- I have to start playing with someone! the nm guys wont even return my emails...but lately I've talked to a few folks who seem interested so we'll see...

ninja's moving away! check out her blog which I'm adding to the 'ol blog list...

Madonna thing tonight- gonna try to go but I hate the radio bean when its packed and uncomfortable and hot and it may be too cold to stand outside and watch...well, hopefully someone plays 'take a bow'


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