Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Forest flowers- Charles Lloyd live at Monterey

Recorded live in 1966, this was one of the most popular jazz albums of the late 60’s- Charles Lloyd (tenor sax, flute) put this band together earlier in the year but you would never know it listening to the interplay between musicians, namely Jack DeJohnette and Keith Jarrett. Actually, I now have a new found respect for Jarrett- before this I only knew him as the cocky, anti-electric instrument guy who played keyboards (for the last time, I think) with Live-Evil era Miles Davis. He really shines on piano here- especially on ‘Sorcery’ one of his own compositions (with Lloyd on flute, amazing) This album is mainly energetic post-bop with moments of free jazz here and there-
Jack DeJohnette shines as usual- great album- I bought it with absolutely no idea of what it would sound like and am pleasantly surprised!



greg davis said...

speaking of jarrett and dejohnette, "ruta & daitya" is one fantastic album they did together in the 70's for ECM.
ive had it for a long time,
just heard it the other night and it still sounds really nice.
i think youd dig it JB.

the le duo said...

I read the album info on allmusic- it sounds great- I've always really liked duet albums, especially drums + (sax, guitar, keys, whatever...)

I'd like to hear it...