Wednesday, March 07, 2007

so Friday is d-day at work- i was told yesterday that for the foreseeable future (a month in their estimate but last year their month turned into 6) i would have to work in the st. albans office- this is the opportunity i have been looking forward to to quit- i have my two week notice letter all ready- there is no way in all hell I'll wake up even earlier to drive even further to a job i hate & is kicking my ass- on top of that is the 16 hours per week of overtime they're dropping on our heads starting April 1st- last year the overtime lasted from April to just about the week of art hop (early sept.) so no more for me! I'm out! this is is just the thing i needed to get a new job & make some changes in my life & I'm excited and happy and looking forward to the future again.

i listened to the boredoms alot today- they're very drummy & spazzy & just the thing i need- I'd love to see them live (seems like every band i really want to see comes to town after i say that- not sure if they're together & touring still...hmmmmm)

in my own musical world, i recently started playing with some new people- they already have a bunch of songs- sounds real good- is fun to play structured rock & roll again- it was way different with nest material- it's also cool joining a band where the songs are already written- its like i come in & do my thing and it sounds like real music- none of this 'what next- what now- huh?' like with the improv stuff I've been playing for the last couple years...

well, my laundry must be almost done by now so I'll be seeing ya...

le duo


Tmoore said...

getting out of there will be the greatest thing that ever happened to you. imagine, stayuping past 9:30 on a week night!

greg davis said...

good job on leaving the job.
its a good move. maybe you can find work in town and not have to worry about driving / commuting.
good luck!