Sunday, March 04, 2007

metal chunk of something

sunday morning brunch- sausage and biskits and eggs- mimosas & bloody mary's- kyle & rene & isaac & me- last night actually left the op for t. ruggs and was hit on by an old man who called me 'big sis'- do i put out that vibe? who cares... this morning I think some metal chunk of something may have flown out of the bottom of my kia- I'm not quite sure- I may have hit said chunk in the road and it bounced around- still I'm worried and dont have the $ to fix it if it's broken- but I guess I'll still drive it...crazy, no?

the cripples continue to blow my mind everytime I see them- thier new release, due out by june I think, will be the local album of the year, I bet. you heard it hear first, people... "party star" of course killed it- my favorite lyric of their's: 'I'll sleep when I'm dead, I'll fucking die in my sleep' pure rock & roll...


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