Thursday, March 22, 2007

RIP jb's career at SCOT DHS/CIS 9/29/2003 - 3/23/2007

I took a shitty second shift government clerk job in 2003 to get myself back on my feet after a year of depression & unemployment- 6 months later I switched to a ridiculously early first shift summer 2004 so I would have my nights off to play music- back then I figured after awhile I would get used to the early mornings and maybe even learn to like my job- but after awhile I fell into the familiar trap of getting to used to the money, which is pretty good (thats how these shit jobs get ya) & also finding a new job is a pain in the ass- so I stuck it out month after month even though I hated it and most the people- getting more and more worn out & angry & annoyed & depressed- but finally, just at the right moment, the opportunity I was looking for allowing me to quit on my own terms with respect & admiration presented itself & I jumped at it. Fuck yeah! So, at 2.30 tomorrow afternoon I am done with it. I just hope that I never get myself in the situation again where I need to take the first job that presents itself just to get by...



jay said...

Much congratulations JB--it's incredibly important to know when to get out of a job that doesn't fulfill you & unfortunately a lot of people lack the ability or courage to do so.

I'm planning on giving my two weeks next Friday! I confirmed that I was making the right decision when I filled out my time sheet this morning and I had logged 66 hours. No comp time. No overtime pay. F that S.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Damn, congrats you two! These are the kind of leaps into the great unknown that make life worth living!

Tmoore said...

ain't that the truth Eva, and speaking of jobs, jb wanna earn 13 bucks the hard way? ;D

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