Sunday, April 29, 2007

free jazz blog

thanks to greg davis for tipping me off to this italian (i think) free jazz blog that offers downloads of a bunch of weird & rare free jazz, both american & european. its called 'Jizz Relics - Archivio fonografico di musica estemporanea' & i think it only lets you download one set for free before signing up for the 'premium service' which is still pretty cheap. i downloaded don cherry & the Brotzmann Trio - Berlin, Germany 27 august 1971. it's a lot like the don cherry swedish radio sessions cd i got from ben awhile back. lots of flutes & percussion with energetic bursts of traditional loud free jazz sax & trumpet & drums. really great & mostly laid back music. ok, maybe the pretty laid back was a little premature- it gets freaking chaotic after awhile. nothing like a good don cherry noisefest!

ps. dont forget tomorrow oak cd release party!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for passing this link on! I really dig that Don Cherry one, and the Roswell Budd!

D from NOLA

greg davis said...

you dont have to buy a premium account to download.

with services like megaupload, rapidshare, sendspace, etc just cant download 2 files at the same time. and some services make you wait a certain amount of time before being able to download the next file.
so if you have patience, you can download most of the current posts on that blog.

the le duo said...

thats great news! i'm gonna snatch that drum & trombone set.

jizzrelics said...

hi man!

as greg said, the service is completely FREE!

is rapidshare that allow users to make download every X hours...

thank you for the link!