Sunday, April 01, 2007

sunny sunday morning...

the oak show last night was fantastic- drone and folky sounds from guitar, bass, oboe, flutes, violin, subtle drums & electrics- sp toby & chris have really created a great mix of sound & performance and I loved every second of it- the crowd was way into it and I stood there half drunk (it was bender's birthday & he just got home from costa rica so sure, I'd been at the op) swaying to the music just kinda shaking my head in gladness. listen for them may 2nd on UVM's WRUV Exposure & may 23rd at the langdon st. cafe.

checkout highgate (blog) for pictures of the lovely trip tanner jenny & I took to highgate (town) for a great traditional vermont maple brunch.



ben said...

Oak was in fact, awesome. sound pioneering in this town has hardly sounded so fresh. the singing songs were simply gorgeous and the rat-tit-tatting was spot on. dynamite imploding a shack.

Anonymous said...


thanks for coming to the show. it was alot of fun! plans for a cd release show are in the works. i'll keep you posted.

much love,


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