Friday, April 06, 2007

the groove IS in the heart

take three late 80's nyc club dj's, add q-tip, maceo, AND bootsy and what do you get? solid-fricken-gold baby!


jay said...

This song has always been on my "guilty pleasures" list....after seeing that video, I'm feeling a bit less guilty.

the le duo said...

embrace it, baby! guilty pleasures are for people who are trying to impress somebody...I like aerosmith! I love lynyrd skynyrd! yeah boy

greg davis said...

lets make guilty pleasures, just simply pleasures.
we should be interested in everything in the universe, its just our minds/egos/prejudices that get in the way.

dee-lite 'world clique' was the first cd i ever bought. yay!

jay said...

You guys are so po-mo..... :)

I agree though--as much as I value good, thoughtful criticism, keeping a well-open mind is always key. I wouldn't be enjoying all of the Grateful Dead live stuff I've been listening to so much lately if I didn't get over the stigma I attached to the music.

Speaking of which, I've been exploring the huge archive of Dead shows on lately--there is some GREAT stuff on there.

casey said...

I still remember very clearly when that video debuted in MTV. I was instantly hooked.

"Dee-lite has definitely been known to smoke. Onstage, that is."

I had a similar Dead epiphany a couple of years ago. Still not much for "the scene," though.