Tuesday, May 22, 2007

coltrane interview 1960

just audio, so you have to suffer through a montage of tranes album covers for six minutes, but its totally worth hearing him talk about his music which was moving away from his hard bop stuff with miles davis at such a clip people were calling it angry, un-beautiful, un-music etc. I cant imagine what they thought of him 5 or 6 years later! 'making music that only the poets can understand' as elvin jones supposedly said.

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jay said...

I've never heard an interview with Coltrane before, and I must say he's nothing like I imagined him. I always figured he'd be the typical arrogant, distant genius type but he's incredibly down-to-earth and eloquent in this interview. I'm particularly impressed how he kept his cool when the guy interviewing is passive-aggressively ripping apart all of his new works (which all went on to become some of the greatest masterpieces in Western music--nothing like having the last laugh...)