Tuesday, May 01, 2007

viking moses et al

tick tick is putting on a great freaky folky style show friday at the kriya studio on n. winooski behind global market. the show is:

Viking Moses
Hello Shark

tick tick says viking moses 'ranks among the best of the newest crop of American folk recordings'

castanets & phosphorescent are in the same vein, judging from there myspace pages.

hello shark is a local indiepop band.

sounds like a great night of music- and I've been wanting to check out the kriya studio space, so I'll probably go.


greg davis said...

i played a few shows with viking moses a couple years back. nice guy. and a very engaging performer. when i saw him he was just doing el. guitar / voice songs.
should be a good show, ive heard good things about castanets too....

jay said...

I'll have to check it out as well; Julia's doing some great things with that space.