Sunday, May 13, 2007

sunday night

tonight at kriya studio raccoo-oo-oon performed a loud, drum & guitar filled almost perfect set of music. i hadn't listened to much before- just half the youtube clip i posted earlier- and & was totally surprised & delighted by the band- i bought one of there albums, behold secret kingdom, & maybe i'll give a proper review after a deep listen tomorrow.

listening to geechee recollections by marion brown- a great album i download from jizz relics- where else? also, through jizz relics, i came across a similar site called invisible record archive that also offers downloads of all kinds of music- mostly jazz related i think but there was stuff on there from lord buckley so anything goes.

heres some electric miles for ya- featuring the one and only jack dejohnette:


jay said...

I'm looking forward to your review of the Racc-oo--oon album; I was really impressed by the show.

Nice find on the Invisible Record Archive! I'm definitely downloading the Sandy Bull album.

Ezra said...

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