Thursday, May 10, 2007

new records!

being new to the hipster record collecting club I set out today to north country books to expand my humble collection of 4 records (3 of which I just got from greg last weekend) here is what I found:

el Corazon by Don Cherry & Ed Blackwell- I was a little nervous buying a jazz album recorded in the early 80's- but I figured it would be ok because they stick to mainly acoustic instruments- no synth! Sparce & beautiful- I love Don Cherry- and he's quite the pianist, too.

Regeneration by Roswell Rudd, Steve Lacy, Misha Mengelberg, Kent Carter & Han Bennink- with one side dedicated to the music of Herbie Nichols and the other to Thelonious Monk this is the tamest I've ever heard Mengelberg & Bennink- but it is an absolutely beautiful tribute to the two late jazz legends.

The Paris Session by the Art Ensemble of Chicago- I couldnt find any info about this album online- I think its a compilation of sorts. My first introduction to the AEC & I loved it- recorded in 1969 its pretty far out. Malachi Favors is an incredible bassist.


greg davis said...

that art ensemble of chicago double LP is excellent. one of my favorites of theirs.

jay said...

JB, we should make a trip to Montpelier sometime to pay a visit to Riverwalk Records. They have a pretty decent jazz section from what I remember.

the le duo said...

yeah- i've been meaning to get out there- records are cool