Monday, May 07, 2007

mothers day freakout

from greg davis & burlington sounds:

hi friends,
got a great mother's day show coming up this sunday at kriya studio.

evan miller
pink bacon

sunday, may 13th, 2007
kriya studio
333 n. winooski
burlington VT


raccoo-oo-oon is a free rock / freaky psych band from iowa city. in
the vein of the animal collective. they have a bunch of releases out.

evan miller is touring with raccoo-oo-oon and he'll be playing a set
of acoustic guitar tunes. Evan Miller is an Iowa City 6-string slinger
who grew up in dusty Oklahoma. Over the last couple years he has
devoted himself to the craft of his instrument, honing his songwriting
and perfecting his playing. He's studied the greats and shows it on
this release, with a nod and an ode to the late great John Fahey. Evan
toils in the dirt of rural Americana and blues, but keeps his sound
fresh and original at the surface.

pink bacon is a local burlington band (ben, todd and brian- former Nest Material).
they do dada dub-noise freak outs. last time i saw them,
there was bacon all over the stage and todd was eating ganja apple pie
during the set.

so mark your calendars & spread the word!



jay said...

I have a pretty busy day on Sunday, but I'm hoping to make this show.

Bartholomew said...

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