Saturday, April 15, 2006

I bought new non- Birkenstock sandals yesterday!

I've spent way too much time at the OP lately. Last night I went there early and had a few, but then came home for a nice evening of relaxation. But then Kyles bro Jer (pronounced Jare) called me up so I just HAD to go back. He lives in Upstate N.Y you see, doesn't get to Burlington much. While there I think I drunkedly talked to Todd and Ryan and Michelle and Emily but I cant be sure. Hopefully nothing too embarassingly drunk was said. But fuck it if it was, right?

but oh well oh well I wasted my now-once-a-week-drunk on Friday beautiful spring day instead of saving it for tonight at the Uterus. It should be a big fun night with bands and a DJ Capsule so everyone come!

Today I have to deal with Yanni and keep him here so tomorrow he will bring me back to Swanton. Did you know Swanton has a pair of swans that are the offspring of the ones given to the town by Queen Lizzy Deuce in the 1950's? Well, it does. Happy Middle Saturday Between Good Friday and Easter Sundae and have a good Easter and maybe I will see you tonight and continue this ramble.

Love, JB


michelle said...

yeah, fuck it whatever you say while drunk. who cares. emily and i were quite surprised that everyone was so drunk. ben o. was the most animated i've seen him in recent memory. and you were motioning so earnestly for us to come across the street, and then when we got over there, no one even cared for a couple minutes, like you forgot we had just gotten there. and then pretty soon eveyone came outside and acted all extra happy that we were there.

fun times. fun times.

the le duo said...

yep. that sounds about right

greg davis said...

dude you know yanni?
thats cool.
didnt he go to jail recently for beating up his wife or something?

word up....

the le duo said...

thats the greek 'yanni' my 'yanni', or officially 'yawny' is a weirdo friend of mine